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Naomi Hunter is a member of Solid Snake’s support team which offered him advice over the Codec radio during the events of Metal Gear Solid. She was head of the medical staff and gave Snake several medical injections prior to his mission. Unknown to Snake this also included FOXDIE, a virus created to target the terrorist members that he would encounter and cause them to die of what appeared to be a heart attack.

Naomi had been taken in as a child by Grey Fox and they formed a brother and sister relationship. He helped her to attain her identification papers, with her never having known her actual true name or much about her original identity. Grey Fox’s surname, Jaeger, is actually German for the word Hunter which matches with Naomi’s surname.

It is revealed in the latter part of the game that Naomi joined the mission support team in order to have revenge on Snake. She was deeply bitter that Snake had defeated her brother figure Fox in Zanzibar, after which he had suffered a lot through the genome experiments which transformed him into the cyborg ninja. After having spent the time aiding Snake in the Shadow Moses mission though she realised that he wasn’t as bad as she had thought he was, and was surprised that Snake actually considered Fox to have been his best friend. However she had already adjusted the FOXDIE virus before the mission to one day attack Snake himself as well.

The game ends with Snake questioning how much time he has left to live and Naomi replies that the amount of time left to him isn’t important and that the truly important thing is to just focus on living. Grey Fox had also confessed to Snake at the end of the game that he himself had actually been the one to have killed Naomi’s parents. He couldn’t bring himself to kill the young child too and had instead adopted her as a sister, but he had struggled with feeling guilty about what he had done whenever he looked at her. He had asked Snake to pass the information on to her shortly before he died at the hands of Liquid Snake and Metal Gear REX, but instead Snake told her that his final message was that he’d always love her.


I decided to do this as part of Nesabi's Metal Gear Solid 1 group that is planned for LSCC. I would have gone as Mei Ling but she was already taken and we are trying to get as complete a cast as possible. Naomi isn't particularly one of my top most favourite characters, but I had been considering on and off the idea of cosplaying as her since I have yet to cosplay a character where I could use my own hair and she was one of the few characters that I could think of since my hair is the correct colour and length for her. There is the slight issue of my hair being fluffy, so I will probably try using straighteners on it and hope that it helps at least a little bit.

Comparing her character illustration with her VR Missions photoshoot model it looks like there are a few subtle differences between them. One shows her wearing flat shoes and in the other it is high heels with straps, her sleeves are puffy in one and not in the other, and the model version is missing the ID card and breast pocket details which of course I am feeling that I should try to include rather than leave out. I'm thinking that high heels would look better but flats would be so much more practical for me since I find them annoyingly hard to walk in, so I'll have to see about what I decide on for that.


Since I'm having setbacks with another cosplay I'm going to debut her at Minamicon 2015 first as a test run and then cosplay her again for the London Super Comic Con group.

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21st January 2015

Bought All the Black Parts

So I made a shopping trip to buy all of the black items that I'll need ( top, skirt and shoes ). Everything cost £15 each. While the skirt does have a little slit in the back it also has a stitch at the bottom holding it in place and it also doesn't seem to have the problem of riding up at the back. I was looking at some high heels which had some width to it where the heel meets the floor and was considering those since they might feel a little steadier to walk in, but then I found some normal heels which actually stand fairly low while still having the high heel look to them so I decided on those. I'll still have to be careful in them but they did feel easier to walk in than the pair that I have for my Mei Ling cosplay - there wasn't as much choice of course when it came to finding purple shoes.

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