Naomi Hunter
Metal Gear Solid

Cosplayer: Tsuchinoko

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Minamicon 21

21st January 2015: Bought All the Black Parts So I made a shopping trip to buy all of the black items that I'll need ( top, skirt and shoes ). Everything cost £15 each. While the skirt does have a little slit in the back it also has a stitch at the bottom holding it in place and it also doesn't seem to have the problem of riding up at the back. I was looking at some high heels which had some width to it where the heel meets the floor and was considering those since they might feel a little steadier to walk in, but then I found some normal heels which actually stand fairly low while still having the high heel look to them so I decided on those. I'll still have to be careful in them but they did feel easier to walk in than the pair that I have for my Mei Ling cosplay - there wasn't as much choice of course when it came to finding purple shoes.