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Anggul Daemellon was once a simple space-port labourer on the planet of Hades VI, a cog in the vast machine that is the Imperium of man. Latent psychic power laid deep within him, but he could have continued his life fully unaware of what such a thing even was, none the wiser to the goings on of the greater galaxy beyond his own system.

All changed when chaos came to Hades VI. So subtle at first, few noticing any change. It began with an Ork attack, but it was just a decoy, the true threat preparing to reveal itself. With terrifying speed the area around the space-port descended into chaos and battle, and daemons began to be brought forth by the heretics and madmen who were instigating the battle.

Anggul had been found and attacked by a small group of Orks roaming the hab-blocks, killing and looting as they went. The barrier between the immaterium and realspace was wearing drastically thin when he was backhanded against a wall, and the latent psychic power burst forth, throwing the Orks away from him. He would still have died there, if not for the intervention of Inquisitor Methusela Dawn of the Ordo Malleus and his personal retinue of Adeptus Arbites. Sensing the 'gift' within the young man, the Inquisitor had him brought with them.

The Inquisitor had came with Adeptus Astartes of the Iron Hands Chapter, Clan Company Raukaan. They were there to purge the Ork threat, but Dawn and his accompanying Grey Knight strike force knew that there was a more dire threat upon the planet. The barrier between the warp and realspace was wearing thin, heretics were gathering and soon the planet would be assailed from within and without.

In a quick and brutal clash with a squad of Chaos Space Marines and a mob of heretical scum, Anggul Daemellon became separated and soon found himself beset by thirsting, slavering daemons of the warp who had began to break through the veil. The young man stood no chance and was immediately injured near to death. Dead he would have been if not for yet another intervention, this time by a squad of Grey Knights led by Brother-Captain Bloodarion. They purged the foul daemons as was their trade.

The young man would have died of his terrible wounds regardless if not for the most strange occurrence of that day. Hidden markings flared to life across his body, markings which to the learned in such things would have been seen as those of the Eldar. Such xenos cared not for the life or purposes of an insignificant human, but sensing his latent psychic power they had implanted a form of psychic beacon within him, for they had foreseen the terrible fate of Hades VI years before and had prepared for it.

With the psychic beacon within the young man activating, the power healed his wounds enough to keep him alive, and the Eldar used his mouth like that of a puppet to convey minimal information to the Brother-Captain. There were relics and information of import on this planet, and exterminatus would destroy them. The Eldar would recover these before the planet could be wiped clean.

A troupe of Harlequins made their presence known, and set about this, Anggul forgotten, his minor purpose of alerting them to the closer moment of warp breach fulfilled. Multiple latent psykers and been impregnated with such beacons, it just so happened that Anggul had been the one to live long enough and activate. He could have died the moment after and it would have meant nothing to them.

To the Eldar, he was insignificant, and mere tool in their plans. To him, however, this had changed his life entirely. Inquisitor Dawn saw the workings wrought upon him, saw his psychic potential and took him as an acolyte. It seemed that the psychic beacon had also granted some manner of resistance to the influence of the warp and it's denizens, which explained why he had been relatively unaffected by and oblivious to the heresy building within the populace. This was presumably to keep the beacon-hosts alive for long enough to play their part. Over years of training Anggul was taught to use his newly discovered power with care and caution, for the powers of warp are simultaneously wondrous and terrifying, constructive and destructive to all who come into contact with them.

Years later, Anggul was trusted to partake in a mission with other contacts and acolytes in the employ of the Inquisitor, and has been gradually becoming used to his role in the vast galaxy. He is still a tiny and insignificant human, but is at least of more import now than the simple labourer he once was. Anggul is torn in this. His is a greater privilege and assignment than he could ever have dreamed, but the galaxy and the things lurking outside and within it are powerful and fearsome, and he often wonders if it would have been better that he had continued his unaware, monotonous existence on Hades VI. Certainly not blissful, but unaware.

His powers are both of intrigue and of fear to his mind, as he knows their potential danger, the ever-present risk of insanity, death, corruption and worse. He has nothing but the most fleeting idea of what may have happened to him that day on Hades VI, not a clue of the minor part he played, or of the enigmatic xenos who had made use of him. If he did, he would probably hold them in one part awe and gratitude for the life they had inadvertently given him, and equal part hatred and anger for the same. All he bears of that day is a strange, half-seen runic mark burned into his chest, the origin of which is unknown and confusing to him. Just a side-effect of the activation of the psychic beacon.

Whether Anggul's path leads to heroism or damnation none can say for sure. The Imperium cares not. For all the seemingly incredible occurrences in his recent life, he is still but a speck, a man amongst untold billions, in a galaxy where there is only war and the laughter of thirsting gods. The only certainty is death, hopefully the death of a martyr in the cause of the Imperium and the name of the glorious Emperor. The fate of a psyker, however, is rarely so glorious.

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