Nico Collard - Broken Sword : The Shadow of the Templars



Literally my favourite game ever. EVEEEEEEEEER. I'm vaguely terrified by this costume cause Nico is so...sexy...with all the leather and tight fitting clothes but it'll be great to pay homage to such an important game to me! I also have LittleGeeky as my George so it should be tons of fun.

Planned for Japan Expo 2015 because it's too good an opportunity to miss cosplaying Nico in Paris!

Manjou posted on 23 July, 2015 - 23:09
Awesome! :D Broken Sword is one of my favourite game series of all time

Moonchild posted on 12 November, 2015 - 20:56
Love this, you look so good!

15th May 2015

Main costume

P much what it says on the tin! I was working on a SERIOUS budget with this costume and the whole thing cost me under £50 which is p good for me. xD

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