Arno Dorian - Assassins Creed Unity


Kitacon 2015


Because one assassin isn't enough.
Even though I'm still in the early stages of playing it.... I've been plottng for the past year for cosplaying the French Assassin.

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29th July 2015


Got everything done last night. :D

26th July 2015


Started to get the pattern made and cut today. Fabric is currently pinned into place atm!

25th July 2015


Worked a lot on the jacket today. Attached the sleeves, made leather lapels & shoulder flaps. Just buttons to hand see & make the hood up~

23rd July 2015

The jacket

Week before Kita I finally start Arno;;;; I had less fabric that I though which delayed me starting lucky it came today. Sleeves, hood, shoulder flaps are still to be done.

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