The Handcannon
Bioshock Infinite

Cosplayer: Augmented Queen

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Kitacon 2014

17th December 2014: Completed Shin guards The same process as the forearm guards applied to these, after the priming, painting and slight weathering.

17th December 2014: Finished! Pictured without the finger-less gloves because I was a dolt and forgot them.

17th December 2014: Adding on the belts Both sides of the process being shown here!
I made up some faux belts which are attached to the underneath of the guards, placing one side directly onto the brown pleather, and sewing them straight to it, insuring that it wont slip or fall or look out of place when worn, though this is the only thing which is directly attached, making sure I can still get the actual things on and off again.

Once sewn down, I placed some strong velcro on that side, and the underside of the other belt, so when it's fashioned into place, nobody can tell that it's not an actual belt!

17th December 2014: Guards Working in foam, I made up the layers of the forearm and shin guards, following the pattern straight from the in-game pauses that I had saved up.
There are subtle things in this design that I really loved, but for the pains that it put me through I wish that some of them where more noticable!

17th December 2014: Finished Even though the design doesn't have it, I realized that I would need some extra support in keeping the holsters up in place on my thighs. So I made up some belt loops which attach to the trouser belt, and added on some long pull clips which hold onto a D ring belt that is added onto either holster at the sides.

The two pockets on either end of the center have loops at the back so they can be easily slid on and off-- One also has a hidden hole in the side which holds the switch for the LED lights and battery pack.

17th December 2014: Thigh holster This one I particularly loved. After working out a net based on the size and shape of my microphone speaker system, I was able to put together a nicely sized series of three. The only one which is stationary is the middle, as this needed to be sewn straight onto the belt to help support the weight of the speaker.

17th December 2014: Random shoulder holster progress Some boring progress of the shoulder holster being made, along with the ammo pouch~ I don't have any of the holster in progress since that was a little boring.

17th December 2014: Boot covers Due to not being able to find any knee high brown brogues in the colour that I wanted, I had to make-do with some ankle high ones in the shade of my material, and adding the covers on top of that. Turns out it worked a lot better than I hoped~! Especially when it came to attaching the shin guards.

17th December 2014: Finished guards The completed section all put together before applying the armor!

17th December 2014: Arm guards The guards are going to be placed into two separate sections so I can attach the armor sections to these, and pull them on easily, and have a pair of fingerless gloves on underneath which'll enable both better movement, and easy removal should anything happen like me over-heating!
The material is a thick pleather, top stitches luckily done by hand, but it was all a case of pinning, trying on, pinning again, stay stitching, and then when I had a final design I could start decorating with those small golden rivets and lining.
Although nobody can really see the rivets, I at least know they're there ^_^

17th December 2014: Trying out the LED's Thanks to a close friend of mine for helping me work out just how many and what wiring I needed, I managed to solder together a pretty fine set of illuminations!
In the finished helmet, there's about four LED's to each eye, wired into an extra long series of cables which run through the back of the helmet, and when I wear it, the battery pack and switch are located in the thigh pockets of my holster.

Beneath, I also wear a headset microphone, which enables me to be heard even through the helmet, as the wire and speaker system are also located in one of the thigh pockets.

17th December 2014: Helmet start! I really don't have all that many photos of this process, namely because I was so focused on trying to get it all completely done.
Due to my facial shape being completely different to that of lady liberty, I took a paper mache mold of my entire face and head, and strengthened that over and over again until it was ready for a clay over-base.

Using the clay I molded a new face over mine, giving the lady her straight nose and much more pronounced jawline than mine, insuring that when I put the helmet on after layers of car body filler and resin it would still be formed to my face, and only needed the smallest amount of padding inside for easy slide on and off.

17th December 2014: Finished jacket Finishing up with all of the gold trimming, tucking, and applying the gold rope for the neck tye and cape. I also managed to find some large brassy coloured military buttons! It was a bit of an ache to find them, but they have small eagle designs on them which are absolutely perfect for the costume.

17th December 2014: Back to the jacket Using the pattern, I finally put together the entire jacket, adjusting the collar a little from what I had imagined since it had been far too big to look realistic. The cape was tricky, since it needed to be cut and sit in a way that drapes over the shoulders, but not covering up the front, so that took a little working out around the neck.

17th December 2014: Working on the trousers Using a simple drainpipe cut for my trousers, I made them up using a few layers of the material with some comfortable dress lining on the inside so it reduces the chance of me overheating-- Which was very likely!
The same gold pattern is used down the sides as on the jacket~

17th December 2014: Cape and collar detailing Adding on the hemming for both the cape and collar work, using self made tape from some gold PVC! It took me a while to figure out just what shade I really wanted to set off the off-white military colouring, as some shades came too dark or not gold enough, or the material was just too heavy to stick. Luckily I found this during my search of the marketplace.

17th December 2014: Drafting the jacket and holsters Although I completed this costume some time ago, I really wanted to update it all here!
The jacket was a particular annoyance thanks to that awkwardly shaped lapel that needed to be folded over correctly at the top, but not so much the bottom, and also be connected at the middle with little cross over.

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InfiniteJester - 17th December 2014
This looks great!

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Augmented Queen - 17th December 2014
Ahh~ Thank you! ^3^

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WhiteWraith - 17th December 2014
This looks amazing!