Colette Brunel (Christmas dress - Tales of Card Evolve) - Tales of Symphonia



I love all the Christmas-y designs that come out for Tales, either as DLC or from Card Evolve, but Colette's is my favourite. Her dress and cape look super snuggly~

The dress and capelet are both made of red fleece, with white fur trim (the trim is made from a white dressing gown), and the gloves are white jersey with blue felt and red fleece trims. It was all pretty easy to sew, but odd details like the double-hood and the cut-outs on the gloves added just enough challenge to keep the project fun!

As with so many of my recent choices, there's not much reference, so I'm going to pick which boots I wear based on the weather if/when I do a shoot!

InfiniteJester posted on 14 December, 2014 - 23:22
Can't wait to see this! You'll look so cute!

WhiteWraith posted on 15 December, 2014 - 23:24
You'll be the cutest Colette <3

Hooded capelet

Total cost: £0.00

25th December 2014


The costume is done! The gloves were quite tricky, as I noticed the odd diamond cut-out on the outsides as I was sewing them! The gloves are white jersey, the outline on the cutouts is blue felt (I had no bias and I needed it to be reasonably sturdy to keep shape), and I made the cuffs with red felt. They fit nicely, and I didnt have to put hooks on the diamonds, yay!

21st December 2014

Nearly done

The dress and hood are all done! I used red fleeces, then chopped up a dressing gown for the fluffy trim. I couldn't get any nice fur fabric, so this was the best alternative! The hood is so weird, it looks like it's split in two in the Link reference, so I got a bit inventive with my usual pattern, and used pictures of jester hoods for reference. The pompoms on the ribbons are a little small, but the bigger ones were a bit too heavy and pulled the ribbons loose!

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