Shiro Yoshiwara (Blue "Alice" Dress) - Adekan


Kitacon 2015

Showcased 19th March 2019 What is this?


Hopefully this will be for Kitacon 2015 with the lovely Paife Cosplay as Anri.
We couldn't pick between various outfits so compromised and went for this one that we both really liked in the end! I'm not totally convinced I can pull off how doll-like Shiro looks here but I'll give it a shot!

EDIT 25/07 - IT IS DONE. I had to take some artistic license with certain parts as some things 2d just don't work 3-dimensionally. Some of my decorative detail is a little inaccurate too but in the end I chose to do what would work together most cohesively with my overall outfit. Lack of time has also meant I didn't quite do all the decoration as I would have originally planned but I'm still super happy with the end result! For my first Adekan costume, I think I can get away with missing a few details - my aim for the next one is to try and make it as accurate as I can!

WhiteWraith posted on 5 December, 2014 - 17:04
Can't wait to see this :)

Darkiekun posted on 21 February, 2015 - 19:49
Cant wait for this cant wait for all the details

InfiniteJester posted on 22 February, 2015 - 19:53
Thanks guys!

KiraraYumi posted on 15 June, 2015 - 09:35
This is looking so pretty <3

InfiniteJester posted on 15 June, 2015 - 20:30
Aww, thank you hun!

ToroSonyCat posted on 17 August, 2015 - 19:05
So cute!

InfiniteJester posted on 18 August, 2015 - 18:53
Thank you so much! :)

Dress with apron
Wrist Cuffs
Neck bow and jem
Hair bow
Back bow
Puff sleeves

Total cost: £0.00

25th July 2015


I made the leg garters today with some leftover dress fabric and frills and attached on the leg sheathes. The daggers have been spray painted as a base and i'm now painting some gold acrylic onto them - it's essentially finished otherwise though! Once the paint on the daggers is dry, I just need to hot glue on the gems and the whole thing is complete! Going to be doing a full costume tester 2mos to test out the makeup for Shiro.

24th July 2015

Dress complete!

Started painting the daggers so it's just playing the waiting game with that now as I put on the layers - i've used a craft enamel paint which is unfortunately a spray can. I really wanted a paint I could brush on to make it neater and hand detail more but the one I bought for that was totally the wrong colour (orange not gold?) when I opened the lid and it just didn't lay very well on the surface. I finished the dress fully tonight as well so that's done at last! Added on some extra gems and decoration to the bodice front and sewed on the press studs to the back flaps!

22nd July 2015


Daggers were sanded yesterday and gesso applied to today so I should be able to start painting them and decorating tomorrow! I also finished the wrist cuffs by sewing on some gem detailing - I had intended to glue on teeny tiny gems for extra detail but unfortunately my gem tack glue doesn't work at all so I've given up on that idea. It probably doesn't need the extra detailing to be honest anyway and I'd rather not risk using the hot glue gun to put them on as they're so tiny!

20th July 2015

Almost there...

I forgot to post journals here as I've been so busy! A lot more has been done now since my last one! The trim has been handsewn onto the dress and cuffs and I've done more of the gold cord detailing too. I refitted a better zip in the dress as I was worried the old one was a bit fragile. Just a little more detailing left to do and they're both complete! I also started the daggers last night, cutting out foam board and gluing them together. I applied filler today so should be ready to sand tomorrow and then I can paint them! After that it'd just be making some sheathes and attaching to the dress. Shiro wig has been cut and styled too, using a short base and wefts for his ponytail - it finally came out more or less how I wanted after going through 3 dreadful wigs before now! I should have gone with my original plan and wefted in but at least I got there in the end!

8th July 2015


I've been handsewing more tonight (though managed to injure myself breaking a needle on the layers of fabric at the sleeve straps). Gold trim has been sewn onto the waistband now though and some onto the straps too to disguise where the frills meet. Also sewn on the bows to the side lacing. Trim is next!

5th July 2015

Wrist Cuffs wip

I also managed to make the base of the wrist cuffs today - I was anticipating them being really difficult but once i'd sorted out the sizing they were okay! The frills are already sewn into the inside so all I have left to do is add on the rest of the detailing before I can add the fastenings.

5th July 2015

Accessorising Part Troix

Made the head bow today as well - I did made tails to go with this too originally but after trying them on my head with the bow I thought the effect looked a little silly so I thought I'd take artistic license and not include them. I've also jazzed up the actual bow a bit more with some decorative ribbon I had lying around and some of my flower gems - the design was a little plain on the reference so I thought it would be nice to add a bit more to it. Just need to attach this to a decent hair clip!

5th July 2015

Accessorising Part Deux

Made the back waist bow - I used iron on interfacing inside the fabric so it would hold it's shape better! Pretty happy with this! Just need to find a way to attach it on and off easily to the back of the dress - at the moment I'm considering press studs as I'm worried safety pins won't work very well.

5th July 2015

Accesorising Part Uno

Been pretty busy today working on the the accessories - thankfully they're all put together now - all that's left to do is detailing and make the props! I sewed the frills onto the puff sleeves and put in the bottom elastic - not completely happy with the effect this gives unfortunately as I think I made them a little too big in the end but I don't have time to remake them for Kita now. Something I might redo in the future! The frills are nice though - I'm rapidly running out of time so I bought some premade ones that I thought would suit the costume. They'll also be sewn on the bottom hem of the dress too for some extra detailing as well as being used in the wrist cuffs.

28th June 2015


I was going to make the big bows today but realised I'd forgotten to buy interfacing so I moved onto the collar instead! This was actually quite fun and easy to make and I think it looks effective :) Will attach with a press stud around the neck!

28th June 2015

Bodice strap detailing

Spent the morning making frills for the straps - will be adding some gold trim to join the two at the middle as they don't always meet perfectly in places (my machine really disagrees with working with that amount of fabric at once)

21st June 2015

Decoration, waist band and hemming

Managed to get to the stage where it looks like a complete dress now! I finished handsewing on all the side panel detailing this morning before adding on the waistband. After that, the skirt and apron were hemmed to the correct length - I did a quick tester with the socks and shoes just to check it's all lying as it should be and pretty happy with it! Now, it's just decoration I have left to do on the dress and all the extra little bits to finish making - the puff sleeves which are almost done, the wrist cuffs, collar, bows and daggers. Still loads to do but at least the main part is done!

14th June 2015

Detailing progress

Slower going today but quite happy with how it's looking now! I fitted in the zip and then put in a hook and eye at the top to fasten more securely. It looked a little messy so I've added on a flap to cover the zip opening which I'll be able to fasten shut over it with some press studs - should just make a much cleaner look for the back of the dress. Really happy with how it fits now! I also started doing the detailing on the side bodice, handsewing on the black velvet ribbon to give the impression of lacing and the gold trim over the edges which hides the ends. Almost completed one panel here which can be seen in the photo (i just need to sew on the other side of gold).

13th June 2015


Managed quite a bit today so i'm happy it's progressing to stages where it's started to look more finished! Still tons of decoration to do but the main base is almost complete now! I spent most of today putting in the white side panels which will have the lacing sewn onto and put frills on the bodice which will have trim sewn over the top edge at a later date. I wanted to put these bits on before attaching the lining as I was worried they would be awkward to sew on afterwards. Still have a lot to put on decoration wise after the lining has now been sewn on properly but it's stuff that is mostly hand-sewing and I can get away with I think. I also finally attached the skirt and bodice together with the apron as well -it still needs a waistband added and the zip fitted into the back but it's definitely getting there! I'll likely do that tomorrow and then either work on more of the decoration details or move onto my other costume for Kita. (I also had a bit of a disaster when cutting the wig by cutting it a bit too short at the sides so had to order another - thankfully there's enough time for it to arrive! This will be my third wig now for Shiro - hoping that third time is the charm! It's a shame as the wig I bought was nice qualitywise and would work well for Shiro but I've just ordered another from the same seller).

7th June 2015

Main base almost complete!

I only had the one day free this weekend but managed to be fairly productive still at least! I put together the apron base which is just pinned for now onto the skirt - I won't be attached that and taking up the bottom until the bodice is ready to be attached. I also made the detached puff sleeves today which was nice and simple - I haven't put in the elastic in the bottom cuff just yet though as I still need to add some frills to it first which I'll probably do in a few weeks when I get around to doing all the other frill details on the outfit! I also attached the lining to the bodice (not pictured here) so it's all ready to start the decorating next weekend - if i'm lucky I'm hoping to get the magority of the decoration done next weekend if my gold rope trim arrives in time to do so. The lining is only attached at top and arm holes at the moment - it's not my neatest sewing by far but thankfully all the messy bits will be covered by the decoration so I'm not too worried about it. My to-do list still seems massive but I think the end is definitely within sight now!

31st May 2015

Skirt realtering

I decided I really didn't like how heavily pleated the skirt looked in the end and so I unpicked and redid the gathers so they're looser as in the mockup. Think this looks much better and there isn't as much fabric in the skirt now too, so it's less heavy. Still need to add on a waistband and attach it to the bodice so it still looks a little messy at the moment.

30th May 2015

Skirt progress

I cut out and put together the bottom half of the dress today - this took quite a long time due to me faffing around for ages with making it neat and getting the measurements right. There's so much fabric too - over 3 metres in length have gone into this skirt to make it extra poofy. It's been gathered, but I'm not too sure if this looks too neat at the moment - I preferred the looser look of the mockup. This is only pinned onto the bodice at the moment though, so will hopefully look better once it's sewn on properly with the waistband and apron on. It's also way too long at the moment, so will be shortening it to get it back the length of the petticoat.

27th May 2015

More items gained

I picked up some more gems today for the dagger decorations and the bodice detailing. Found these gorgeous flower type ones too which I'll likely add either as centrepieces for the bodice or cuffs. Been scouting out some gold cord too and sadly my local fabric shop had nothing in the right colour or style for what I wanted but ebay came to the rescue!

25th May 2015

Bodice progress

Been working on the bodice this weekend. I spent quite a while on fitting the lining accurately with chest binding on, so I could copy the measurements over on the actual outer material. It worked out much better than on the mockup so I'm pretty happy with it! I've serged the insides too and added in the blue strip at the top of the white front panel, ready for the trim to be attached over it. I just need to finish hemming it and attach the lining and then I can work on all the decorative detail. As you can't see all of the front top area of Shiro's I've took creative license and doing what I think looks best - keeping the same over trim as will be on the back but on a blue fabric instead of the black velvet. I don't want the front to look busy or detract from it being an apron so I'll just be sticking to the gold cord and gem detailing rather than adding on frills as well like there is on the back. The bodice isn't really long enough to add those on too without it making the gem detailing move down far too much so skipping it. To be honest, I would have embroidered the detailing instead of using a decorative trim, but as this is a partnered costume we decided to do it this way instead to save extra sewing work. Hoping to add on some more intricate detailing on the wrist cuffs instead though at least!

17th May 2015

Bodice start

FINALLY starting making the bodice using the actual fabric now! Didn't get quite as much done this weekend as planned due to illness but with it being a bank holiday next weekend hoping to get loads done then to make up for it!. Cut out the lining and bodice fabric today, being careful to keep the measurements accurate for being bound underneath as well (damn, traps and their flat chests!). Tacked it together for now and will sew it together next week! I've deliberately left the two middle back panels too wide for now to allow for the zip to be fitted and if it needs any further adjustments. The straps are currently blue but I might removed these later or cover them with the white fabric as a better base for the frills to go on.

13th May 2015

More items aquired

I've been ordering more stuff for the decoration recently so waiting on them to arrive mostly - some gems did arrive today i'd bought for the dagger hilts but they're sadly too small and the seller sent me the wrong shade of green so I ordered some different ones. My coolmorph arrived today too so I can have a go at attempting to craft the knives from them soon hopefully!

9th May 2015

Mockup complete

Finished the mockup today - it is by no means my neatest work ever but it gives the basic idea I wanted and some of the mistakes I made on it, I'll know not to repeat now - mainly that the back of the bodice was very off sizing-wise and I put in the waistband too low (more like middle of the hips in the end). The fit is almost how it should be though so I can safely go onto making the actual one now! I also recieved some green gems from my Anri the other day for some of the detailing and ordered some more gems tonight for the dagger props and some coolmorph to have a go at crafting them! First time using that so it should be an experience but it'll be light and easy I hope, whereas I don't quite feel ready to delve into worbla just yet. Redrew out a proper pattern design too so I know exactly what is going onto each panel so I hopefully won't forget to do something - there's so much going on with the bodice I could easily make a mistake. Definitely the most complex work I've done bodice-wise before but if I'm properly planned out I hope it will go fairly smoothly.

7th May 2015

Fabric bought part deux!

Bought the fabric for the lining (the off white tone) and the white cotton for all the apron and frill detailing - it was more expensive than I wanted to pay but I'm coming to the conclusion that this is going to be a very pricy costume in general. Mockup is practically finished now too and will be doing the last bits at the weekend (just taking up the petticoats an inch and adding a zip to the back)

26th April 2015

Bodice mockup

Using some cheap fabric, I patterned out a base bodice today with which to work out the kinks on the actual one. Managed to get the fitting more or less how I want it, but the straps definitely need to be thinner on the actual one and i'll likely bring in the bust lines a little to give the illusion of hopefully still looking a bit boy-ish. I tried it on with a binder underneath though and actually thought it looked about right - reducing my bust down just enough to pass for being a trap! Not hemmed or anything but just pinned to hide the messy bits.

21st April 2015


Went shopping at the weekend to Birmingham with my Anri to buy some of the stuff for this - we got our base blue fabric which is funnily enough bridal fabric. It's perfect in colour and style though for this. Also bought some lovely decorated trim for the top of the bodice and matching gems for the ribbon. Still need to get lining, the white material and other detailing parts but this can be done at a later date. I bought some cheap fabric today with which to start a mockup on this weekend as well so I can start figuring out the fitting before using the actual fabric.

11th March 2015


The petticoat I ordered arrived today! It's actually bigger than I was expecting which is great - looks a bit bigger than in the reference but I've seen cosplayers do this variant with this size and love how it looks. Now I have the base I should be able to start patterning this out. Fabric shopping should be happening for this next month as myself and Paife cosplay plan to buy matching fabric.

2nd February 2015

A start?

I bought a pattern today that's similar in style to help me with making this - it's more so I can hopefully get the fitting as accurate as I can with the bodice as the rest of the costume doesn't scare me too much. Hopefully ordering a wig or the petticoats later this week.

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