Cosplayer: Alinthia

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

22nd February 2015: Shin plates First time working with the craft foam and worbla method! I made a paper template which I then used to cut the foam and the worbla. They were them primed and painted. Wearing them using elastic for now but I'm working on a more viable way to wear them :P

15th January 2015: Helmet Progress Helmet is about half way done. I made a paper template of what I wanted then cut it out of craft foam and worbla. Then glued it all together with a glue gun. Clay was added to hold the domes in place and then painted.

Candystriped avatar

Candystriped - 27th May 2016
This is awesome! You make a gorgeous Widowmaker!

Alinthia avatar

Alinthia - 13th June 2016
Thank you! :)