Vriska Serket (God Tier) - Homestuck



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Make top
Make hoodcape
Nick someone's grey snaz lol
Make patterns (hoodcape and top)
Buy pants
Buy materials
Make horns
Orange harem pants
Orange fleece
Orange polyester/polycotton/similar (for hoodcape)
Yellow fabric paint
Light orange polyester/polycotton (or similar)
Grey circle lenses
2x large yellow buttons

Total cost: £0.00

16th November 2014

On a whim

My friends and I were discussing this amazing cosplayer, and one of her cosplays was God Tier Vriska. I found myself really wanting to cosplay her after seeing it, and realised I had some red gogo boots lying around thanks to my abandoned Sif cosplay. So I figured, eh, why not, and decided to do one last Homestuck cosplay, as a kind of goodbye to cosplaying from it I suppose.

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