Briefers Rock - Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt


I hadn't watched this anime up until this point because I didn't think it was for me.
Saw the DVD last MCM and decided to finally give it a go.
I loved it, so, so much.
Now I wanna be Brief.
We're both geek boys and I feel I could pull this off well, so I'm here to give it a go!

In Progress: 14/11/2014
Complete: 20/03/2015

ManiacCos posted on 30 April, 2015 - 16:07
So cool! What day are you wearing this? :D

Raye-chan posted on 27 August, 2015 - 21:34
Your Cosplay is awesome! :D Such a great job, you've captured him perfectly ^^

Heavily modify / paint backpack
Make or Modify Headphones
Make Hoody Decals
Make Geeky Badges
Green Hoody
Green Cargos
plastic pipe
Coloured felts

Total cost: £0.00

18th November 2014

Starting out

Tried (and failed) to find the hoody and bottoms on a shopping trip Monday, so I'm gonna head to eBay later this week to source them. Decals for the hoody can be made whenever, and added at a later point. Gonna start working on the PKE tomorrow too. I have an old backpack that can be repaired and adapted. Need to get a few things in the morning first though. I have a wig I used in my Tails Doll cosplay, and the rest of it is just accessories that will be a piece of cake getting sorted. Boom! Let's do this ^_^

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