Misa Amane (live action version) - Death Note; The Last Name


AmeCon 2008




I love Death Note and ever since I wanted to cosplay as Misa, I always wanted to go as live action Misa before Amine/Manga version, but was worried if black haired Misa will be recongisable. I did see dark haired Misa's around, so it made me want to cosplay as live action Misa even more!

I wanted to make a costume which Erika Toda actually wears in the movie and not just buy random gothic clothing for this cosplay. After watching both Death Note movies I decided to make the costume where she first introduces herself to Light. I absolutely love the costume, it looks so unique and cute plus I don't think anyone has made that costume too.

I'm making this costume for my friends Death Note group and photoshoot at the AmeCon. My Manga version Misa turned out horrible, so hopefully this costume will turn out a lot better, plus the advantage of live action Misa is no wig is needed, so I don't have to be so parinoid about my hair showing underneath the wig or the wig getting messed up!

The top was made by me and the skirt was brought from a gothic shop & modified by me. The top was made from Jersey fabric and everything was done by guess work. About 30 hours of work was sewing the red details on the top which was tedious, but at least I got it done ^_^

When Misa wears this costume, the lower half of her was not shown until she went into Light's house and took off her shoes, so there was no clear image of her shoes. For ultra cheapness, I am going to wear my Rinoa boots for this cosplay because they suit this costume really well and I can't afford to buy new shoes due to space and money issues.

I also got a few props for this cosplay. I got the CD, necklace and the Death Note was from my other Misa cosplay. I am also hoping to get a briefcase too (it will be handy to carry all my stuff at Expos and Cons lol)

So yep, this costume is now ready for AmeCon 08

Overall, I love this costume and it's was a lot better then my manga version Misa, but too bad not many people recongised my character T_T


Mtani posted on 16 June, 2008 - 16:02
Great progress pics! Looks like the cosplay is coming along very nicely! Love the top! =D

Darkiekun posted on 15 May, 2010 - 20:42
I love the small props you have like the CD! XD Your a cute Misa! yay

Newdles posted on 23 May, 2011 - 16:34
Lovely costume - really suits you!

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