Hetalia: Paint it, White!

Cosplayer: CrimsonGaara

Variant: Military

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

5th July 2012: Prepared Star Patch It's done~

2nd July 2012: Star Patch Finally working on the final patch for my bomber jacket!

9th June 2012: Fixed Glasses I used wire cutters to chop off the top of my frame to make it more accurate~

I kept the lens to glue back to the frame so I still have that there.

23rd May 2012: Painted on the Plane ... On my bomber jacket~

9th May 2012: Styled Wig .

19th April 2012: Replacement Wig Sold my former one so I bought a new one~

8th March 2012: Better Look ~

6th March 2012: Finished~ Peeling off the tape edges was so satisfying! The edges were so crisp~

6th March 2012: Painting on the 50 I sellotaped the outline on and sponged on white acrylic paint.

23rd January 2012: Restyling America Wig Nantucket is all floppy. :c

20th October 2011: Finished the Collar I finished sewing the fur to the collar.

19th October 2011: Bomber Jacket Progress Hannah was lovely enough to provide me with black fur to attach to my collar, looking good so far! Thank you Hannah~

26th September 2011: Styling Wig Began styling my wig - Nantucket was such a pain in the ass!

25th September 2011: Bought Jacket To alter~ I was really happy when I found this, it doesn't need a lot of work and it was really cheap from a charity shop!

23rd September 2011: Wig Arrived The colour is really nice, it's two-toned light brown and blonde.

Panda123 avatar

Panda123 - 17th April 2015
Cool photos (have to love the burger one haha), and I love the wig you chose :)