Hetalia: Halloween 2010

Cosplayer: CrimsonGaara

Variant: Vampire

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

25th July 2013: Fangs Moulded I didn't mould one of them properly so I have to do it again. T^T

31st October 2012: New Fangs .

23rd September 2012: Victorian Vampire I cosplayed a 'Victorian'-esque version of this outfit to a cosplay meet~

26th October 2011: Finished Waistcoat .

21st October 2011: Finished the Cape The bow is really small but I didn't have much to work with, if I had to do this again I would definitely remake the bow into something a little larger and more fabulous!

21st October 2011: Attached at the collar! Everything is literally attached at the collar! xD

21st October 2011: Cape Progress .

21st October 2011: Capelet Finished The capelet of my cape is finished; took forever to do! This is what it looks like underneath, I quite like it. ^^

18th October 2011: Collar Done! Yep!

18th October 2011: So Many Darts!! I ended up having to do darts all along the rim of my capelet! It was worth it in the end and ended up looking fantastic, but it was such an awful pain to do them all! T^T ;;

17th October 2011: Cane Sanded Finished~

3rd October 2011: Found a Cane~ I didn't buy it on this day, but I at least found one I liked the look of! (Red)

27th September 2011: Bought Jeans ~

26th September 2011: Fangs~ My false fangs arrived, really like how subtle they look.

23rd September 2011: Interfacing Arrived My interfacing for my waistcoat and my cape~

18th September 2011: Shirt I couldn't find a short that was more accurate, so I went with this.

18th September 2011: The (ugly) underneath~ ~

18th September 2011: Back ~

18th September 2011: Front ~

18th September 2011: I decided to keep it long, And I also attached it in place with a nice silver button.

18th September 2011: Holding the ribbon in place. To see if it looks good, wasn't sure if I should keep it long (like this) or not.

18th September 2011: Covering the rim progress. Folding all the bits in and glueing them into place...

18th September 2011: Covering the rim! I know it looks a mess, but I couldn't think of a better way to get my fabric around the rim as cleanly as possible!

5th September 2011: Start on the hat I pinned the rim together to the side bit to prepare it for sewing... it's going to be so fiddly.

5th September 2011: Everything I need to make the hat! All laid out~

7th August 2011: Fabric Arrived Polycotton and China Silk Lining.

28th July 2011: Fabric Swatches Arrived I like the colour~

27th July 2011: Mini Top-Hat Base This is the mini top hat I plan to use for the base of my hat.