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This is one i hope to do sometime in the very near future i have seen the corset i will use to make the body part of Lulu's dress and i have a rough idea on what material to us to make the skirt and with a bit of Luck i may have her done for either next Oct 2010 or the May 2011

UPDATE: Recently i have been doing other cosplays but i still wanted to do Lulu so i have been looking into her once again and i've decided that i am going to try and have her done for May Expo 2011

I've decided that for her skirt i'm going to use a sewing pattern we used for my brides maid skirt has it has a small train on it like Lulu's.

After talking with one of my friends i've decided to do another skirt for the belts because when you look close at ther skirt part it isn't actually attatched to the main part of her skirt.

Nomes posted on 1 April, 2012 - 23:40
Yey! You've started Lulu! The progress is looking fantastic, hon!

jaks-kingdom-dwarf posted on 2 April, 2012 - 11:18
hehe thanks sweety ^^ i've nearly finished it now O_O i just need to do the last little bits which my mate Member-XI is mainly doing for me :D never thought i'd get around to doing her though lol

Zelda posted on 30 May, 2012 - 12:10
omg i saw this around expo, i didn't realise this was you, great work :)

Nomes posted on 30 May, 2012 - 13:14
I'm loving the trim around the bottom of the skirt!

jaks-kingdom-dwarf posted on 31 May, 2012 - 01:45
@Zelda thank you *hugs* yeah i only saw you as you were leaving the Excel on the Saturday and i wanted to say hi but you were talking with your friend at the time :) @Nomes thanks hun i actually used net curtaining for that as well as for around the cuffs and the front of the skirt - the idea came from my best mate Member-XI she is awesome when it comes to ideas like that ^^

lycaneyes posted on 12 October, 2012 - 16:46
This looked great in person

jaks-kingdom-dwarf posted on 26 October, 2012 - 18:26
Thanks bud i just hope i can fix those arms in time for this coming May lol ^_^

Get Wig
Buy Black corset
Make Belts
buy black material for the skirt
get lace for trimmings
Buy fur for corset
get jewllery
Buy Sewing pattern
Make sleeves
Make the over skirt (top cover)
Make the skirt with belts attached
Buy hoop skirt

Total cost: £0.00

6th May 2012

Lace really?!

yeah i was a little annoyed....ok down right raging i had been waiting 2 weeks for the lace i had chosen to come then when i emailed them about it the website i bought it from replied saying how the one i wanted was discontinued so i wasn't happy. After talk to my best friend about she came up with idea of using netting from table cloths as they are fancy and the patterns are fairly big. i am looking forward to doing Lulu in 3 weeks time i just hope everything still works out ok for it

16th April 2012

Woop nearly finished

Grr got the fur attached to my corset as well as the sleeves and what do i find........i can't move my arms >.< so instead i will just have to have the sleeves attached to the fur only but i noticed with that though how they still want to fall down so what i need to do now is get some elastic and attach it inside the sleeve so it holds them up but not pull them out of shape. The only thing i'm kind of waiting for now is the lace to arrive for the top and around the bottom then BOOM it is done :D

1st April 2012

Piratically done

Well i've done the sleeves, done both skirts, got the fur and made it ready to be attached to my corset and i've also altered the hoop skirt so i'm about 90% done my best friend Member-XI is doing my wig for me (thank you Moony :D) and i bought the jewellery and hair sticks from a girl on ebay and they look awesome. i'm a little disappointed that the belt skirt hasn't turned out 100% because if i made it to fit the hoop skirt loosely the belts sagged too much so i've tightened them up so they don't sag but it's brought the skirt up so i wont sit properly on the hoop - however with me making another skirt to go on top i thankfully get away with it - HAZAR :D

14th February 2012

3 Quarters there (2)

i've finished altering the hooped skirt - finally *sigh of relief* and i was at first going to cut into it to make the front open so you couldn't see it behind the belts but i decided against it for a few reasons: 1 - the material it's made from is only fake nylon so it just frays so easily 2 - i am not confident enough to show off any top half of my legs and 3 - because with it being whole i can use the hoop for other cosplays i may want to do in the future that require a hoop skirt Also i've started to make the skirt that all the belts are going to be attached to but what i'm kind of anxious about is the sewing pattern i was going to use for it i can not find so i had to look at the dress that i made from it and make a pattern completely from scratch O_0 i have started to cut it out

31st January 2012

3 Quarters there

well i've sewn the top skirt now i just need to make the band for it and i've just done the sleeves i used a tutorial i found on the internet to show me how to make the sleeves and because the sleeves are usually starting from the shoulder i knew i would have to slightly alter it as Lulu has her's off her shoulders. The things i need to get next are the fur material off the website my best friend Member XI told me about and i just need to buy the fake leather to make some belts as well as buy a couple more :D

20th January 2012

Finally started :D

Yup i've finally been able to get the material i need to make my Lulu cosplay :D i was able to get a hoop skirt however it does need altering and i will have to wait a while until i can afford to buy the other things needed like the fur and the wig. but now i've actually started this i'm kind of excited about it

16th August 2010

collecting ideas

well now it's nearlly time for me to be getting my student loan through i thought i might as well start looking again at more stuff for Lulu. i found a nice petticoat to keep the shape of the skirt part of the dress, the fur (thanks to Member-XI for that) and as i said before i've been collecting a few belts, found a corset that may work with any luck, the sewing pattern for the skirt and i found a website with sewing patterns for sleeves so i can make them. hopefully soon i will be able to start making it and buy some of the stuff.

1st July 2010

Belt Up

At the moment i am on holiday in Great Yarmouth (UK) but i knew that there were plenty of shops down the main shopping streets that sold real leather belts for quite cheap prices over this 2 week holiday i was looking at near enough all the shops that sold belts and thankfully i was able to get a few that were cheap. i've decided that i am going to use some real belts for the front of her dress but because of the shear weight i thought about making some of them myself as the dress will then have a few real and fake belts, which may help it from sagging too much ^^ seen as i've got about 10 months to do this in i should have plenty of time to buy, make and weave them all together - fingers crossed

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