Jak (Jak II) - Jak and Daxter


i wanted to do Jak from Jak II: Renegade mainly because that was my absolute fave for the series and at the time my hair was near enough the same length as his.

out of this the two things i bought and did nothing to was Daxter from: http://www.setsunakou.com/ufo/jakanddaxter.html

and the ears from: http://www.aradanicostumes.com/elfears.php

The hardest part i found was Jak's belt at the front as i sewed it the wrong way on purpus so the stitches wouldn't show exept the mesh i used inside them to strengthen them made it then thicker and harder to pull through and i had to cut off more in the centre of the Ring in the middle because of the thickness of the belts.

The easiest part really was the goggles i got some cyber goggles and built around them and added the extra bits by using PVA glue and newspaper and when it dried i just painted them and i just drew them out on the bits of leather that i used for my bands around my legs

i learnt whilst i was doing it that some of the materials i had in mind to start with may had seem like a good idea to start with but when you begin to work with it, it can be quite hard stuff to use.

What i liked was that it was very easy to move about in. The only tricky part at first was to keep Daxter on my shoulder but then i worked out that the fasteners i put on his hands and arms would still sick together over my belts so i rearranged him and then it was fine. :D

Member-XI posted on 11 June, 2009 - 12:43
O_O You look like you're going to choke a bitch in the first pic. Evil evil Jak! *flees*

jaks-kingdom-dwarf posted on 11 June, 2009 - 18:08
Hell yeah lol i think it was Daxter i was doing to kill for being drunk and falling off my shoulder XD

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