Nui (R63 Genderbend) - Kill La Kill



Commissioned by Ryan James

Costume is a gender reversed/bent/male version of a female character based on artwork provided. We were unable to track down the owner of the artwork so if this design looks familiar please get in touch so we can put in an appropriate credit :)

Cost £150

Set includes hat, shirt, bow, waistcoat and trousers.

The hat is similarly constructed to our Mad Hatter Lelouch number with a foam base and finished with a taffeta bow and resin cast heart.

The shirt is a stretch poplin for comfort with scalloped cuffs, lace down the front and finished with heart buttons. At the neck, another taffeta bow and resin heart. The shirt features two top stitched breast pockets.

For the waistcoat we used the same coral suiting material as the hat. Since the artwork didn't have visible buttons, only two hearts in a double breasted fashion, the buttons are actually stitched backwards and do up internally so as not to be seen. The hearts for the waistcoat are also resin, from a smaller mold, but have been painted the same colour as the other hearts. The waistcoat and hat are both contrast lined in a pin stripe lining. At the breast there is a similarly lined, card sized pocket.

The pants are a comfy bi-stretch with a working fly and 6 belt loops. The button matches those of the waistcoat and the pants also have two working internal pockets.

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