Dito - Drakengard 3


Kitacon 2015


Amy-Lou posted on 28 August, 2015 - 10:54
Lion pauldron! Really like the idea of the string layer to raise the belt details, nice solution.

Storme posted on 28 August, 2015 - 20:55
The cording was a suggestion of someone on facebook when I had a bit of a panic the week before Kita! It worked out better than I thought it would, thankfully. :D

27th July 2015

All done!

All finished!

26th July 2015

Belt 1

Buckram for the base, then cording glued over it. There'll be pleather over this, then shading. Hopefully it'll look okay.

26th July 2015


Veg-tan leather and fabric markers, not a complicated job. :D

18th July 2015


Patterning the sleeves for his shirt was an interesting thing; I've never made sleeves quite this shape before, and having to puff the top *and* have a shortish bishop sleeve made for a hell of a sleeve pattern. But it looks good on, I think! I made the cravat (quite straightforward); Pez made me the cravat pin. Gloves are from eBay. I have riding boots that are perfect already. I have also sewn his rattail extension into the wig base, just need to cut and style the rest of the wig. And then all that's left is his belt and his earring!

5th July 2015

Shorts and Hoodie finished

I was extremely lazy (and went on holiday for a few weeks), but progress is still happening! Hooray for Dito actually having shorts and a hoodie.

14th May 2015

Hoodie 2

Progress! The belt needs to be attached on both ends and the buckle added, I need to hem all the bottom and everything needs a press badly especially around the edge of the hood, but hey, very nearly there now.

4th May 2015

Hoodie 1

A hell of a lot more needs to be done but it's not too bad as one day's progress goes.

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