Auron (Commission) (Normal) - Final Fantasy X


My boyfriend asked me to make him an Auron cosplay for the Distant Worlds Concert, which will be based on a mixture of references from the artwork, original version of the game and the HD version.
I thought I would put this up on here, so I can show what I have done, when I get round to uploading photos @_@ , and to help me keep track of what I need to do.
Due to aiming to make this for a concert, there are certain parts of the costume that won't made; the "Nog" sake jug, an armoured top, the boot decorations and obviously the katana. These are things that will be worked on at a later date for more suitable events/when I have more time/boyfriend wants to try to make one of the katanas.

A note about the time taken: this is an estimate based on the amount of time I have recorded on working on the costume so far, but it doesn't account for the time I have taken on redoing things I have made errors, so it has probably taken me longer than noted.

The cost is the current cost I have noted for the materials I have purchased towards making the costume, it excludes the things my boyfriend has bought himself for the costume, so the price is actually a bit higher (glove/s, sunglases, top, trousers already owned to be modified, boots already owned, colour hairspray, some fabric he ordered for me).

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