Higurashi Kagome - Inuyasha


Second winner at Gelar Jepang Universitas Indonesia ke 13




Is that OK? I am not from UK but from Indonesia ^___^

Nice to meet you all.
It's my first Cosplay, June 2004.

It's easy made costume and very tricky one.
This was my first cosplay costume.

My mother's tailor sew it for me.
Later when I was cosplay Inuyasha, my friend wear Kagome costume to company me.

Many thanks to: shura_magami and Dian Permatasari. My two lovely and beautiful Kagome chan.

PS: When my friend - Dian ( She Cosplay as Higurashi Kagome) was using it to company me ( I cosplay as Inuyasha) at Gelar Jepang UI 13 at University of Indonesia, My Kagome Costume won the second place winner.


MADALEENA posted on 26 July, 2010 - 03:45
*shouts* KAGOME.....inuyasha.....KAGOME....inuyasha.....KAGOME!!! ,lol sorry just had to let that out my system.....you look super cool!

seawaterwitch posted on 26 July, 2010 - 11:19
Thank You ^^ *hugs* This was my first costume ^___^v