Pyramid Head (Game) - Silent Hill 2


Pyramid Head, also known as "that Red Pyramid Thing", is a monster (and in two cases, a duo of monsters) appearing in Silent Hill 2 as arguably the main antagonist.

I will make the Helmet from EVA.

I'm making this as a request from my YouTube subscribers. I will be posting videos on how to build if you want to see. I have begone the tutorial and will post it soon!

YouTuber - - - -Dax79

HorrorFanatic85 posted on 20 October, 2014 - 11:49
Defiantly looking forward how you do the SH2 RPH, defiantly expecting you too match the game

Dax79 posted on 14 February, 2020 - 00:03
So he's complete! Did I do it?

SuperZeldaGirl posted on 12 March, 2016 - 22:49
really cool look forward to seeing this finished

Dax79 posted on 14 February, 2020 - 00:05
It took some time (Bad Me!) But he's done!

Darkiekun posted on 20 July, 2016 - 08:24
Looks so good already owo cant wait for more updates

Dax79 posted on 14 February, 2020 - 00:04
He's DONE!

t_madison posted on 18 February, 2019 - 09:17
Wow, that is really good looking!

Dax79 posted on 14 February, 2020 - 00:02
Thanks!!! Glad You like!

Neck Tumor
The Great Knife

Total cost: £0.00

31st October 2018

YouTube video WIP Part 2

Here is a look back of the build. The helmet took a few days to build and I believe you could make one in three days. https://youtu.be/FKntiZwQyq0 I have put all my reference pictures and a 3D model on my website. Here is a link to help you - http://www.dax79.com/tutorials/pyramid-head-helmet-that-red-pyramid-thing-silent-hill-2/ Dax79 out!

30th October 2018

Helmet Complete

Painted the helmet up and let it dry. Luckily the test piece I was happy with fitted inside the panel hole (Bonus). The Emulsion Paint sealed the EVA foam and created a great base coat. Emulsion Paint in the USA is called Laytex paint as its flexible. I'm happy with the final look. I did decide not to add the right panel bulge as I wanted it finished for Halloween. Video Part 2 coming soon!

30th October 2018

Crackle Painting

I looked at pictures of the game helmet and did three tests to get the correct effect. Once happy it was time to get to it!

29th October 2018

Undercoat and Polymorph

I cut his hole out on the front panel. Then used Polymorph from Coscraft to shape the tip of the helmet and strengthen the panel hole. Then it was time to give it its undercoat. As I will create the 'crackle effect' I painted it in Emulsion Paint. When dry I will use PVA glue and Red Emulsion to crackle.

29th October 2018

YouTube video WIP Part 1

Here is the first part of this build in a video to help others out there make one. If you make one using my tutorial, please let me know as I love seeing other builds! https://youtu.be/BxknqEiKpyQ

28th October 2018

Adding The Last of the Foam (Rear)

Here is a look at the back. All EVA foam added to the polystyrene shell.

28th October 2018

Adding The Last of the Foam

I have now added the last of the EVA foam to the helmet shell.

23rd October 2018

The re-visit to that Red Pyramid Thing

Two years ago I created the templates (Video above) But due to popular demand I have decided to re-visit and finish him for Haloween 2018. I transferred my card templates to polystyrene sheets to create the helmet shell. Then I used EVA foam to strengthen the structure. I will post more pictures on my www.facebook.com/dax79cosplay page New YouTube Video coming soon.

4th November 2014

How To Build Silent Hill 2 Pyramid Head (PT1)

http://youtu.be/XghJGunVZko This Is Part One Of My Step By Step Video. This Is Pyramid Head From The game Silent Hill 2. I Hope I Have Helped And Look Forward To Some Feedback! This video has been requested by my subscribers, so thanks for the inspiration!

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