Chun Li - Street Fighter


Auchinawa 2014


Halloween and Auchi costume combined!
I debated over this for a while but eventually decided screw it, this is getting done!

Anonymous posted on 8 November, 2014 - 20:30
Cute, but deadly. ;)

klweanne posted on 9 November, 2014 - 09:44
Chun Li was always my fav Street Fighter and you pull this off so well. Awesome job as always babe :) x

7th November 2014

Halloween down, bring on Auchi

I'm planning on wearing this for Auchinawa as well, it needs a little bit of work before I rewear it, I need to trim a few things and tidy up the seams a bit. I also need the cuffs, which I ran out of time to sort out before Halloween. Overall I actually had a lot of fun in this costume, it was pretty comfy and I loved the hair buns so much.

17th October 2014

Buns of steel...or hair

So last night I made the bun covers, they're a little scruffier than I might have liked but they do the job and they pretty much look okay, so I'll probably keep them as they are. I did a little test and I'm happy with how it looked even with my messy hair (I realise the picture has the fringe on the wrong side but it's flipped, I did have it the right way round honest), so when I do it properly I think it's going to work out really well. I'm still debating using a couple of those bun doughnut things just to help it keep the right sort of shape, and whether or not I'll need kirby grips to keep the covers in place on the day. I've got the fabric for the dress and the boots have been ordered, I debated some over the boots but in the end I went for a pair that were a little less accurate but much cheaper, I'm trying to keep costs down at the moment. The only materials I need now are the things for the cuffs, but I'm still debating what method I'll use for them.

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