Jibril - No Game No Life


J-Con 2014


I fell in love with No Game No Life as soon as I watched the first episode, and Jibril is just too badass not to cosplay her!

I made everything here from scratch except the shoes and socks which are modified.

I spent most of a week individually hand-glueing tiny feathers to the mesh frame I made for the wings and they have a hinge at the base allowing them to fold together at my back.

I chose to use yellow chiffon for the skirt to give it a more floaty, angelic look to it, so I learnt a lot regarding how to sew with light, delicate fabrics.

I debuted the cosplay at J-con 2014, it was pretty nerve-wracking as since I've put on weight I've been very unconfident with showing my stomach, but overall I was really happy with the costume. ^__^ A lot of people were really sweet about it too which was awesome c:

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