Dave Strider

Cosplayer: Getsuga

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

13th February 2015: shoes After taking ages, I got the shoes down! XD

28th December 2014: Wig finally came TG: ABOUT TIME
haha time, get it? No?

23rd November 2014: Borrowed a wig for con XD it's not perfect, but it did the thing

8th November 2014: Better Quality I could just use this wig, but I need it for Bleach cosplay :/ sighh, one more week of waiting
TG: hurry up bro.

7th November 2014: Mutant eyes Edit because I'm a pansy and I'm scared of putting lenses in my eye.
TG: one day...
TG: one day indeed.

7th November 2014: Day #34276 Still waiting for my wig... I mean *cough*
TG: bro is still cutting my hair.
TG: so ironic.

17th October 2014: Broken Record shirt TG: Jegus I'm hot

14th October 2014: Shirt TG: cheap

14th October 2014: Hair TG: all natural [not]

13th October 2014: Aviators TG: hell yeah