Armin Arlet - Attack on Titan


ALcon 2015


So i looked into the characters and found that Armin is the one I would suit best

Worn at Birmingham Expo March 2015

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butt cape
trousers and shirt

Total cost: £0.00

25th February 2015

So close yet so far

So everything has been done for this cosplay minus the jacket, thanks to a seller on Ebay who sent me the wrong size i now have to wait till payday till i can get a new one lets just hope it arrives in time

30th September 2014


Since i had spare leather fabric from another cosplay i thought i would give it a go making the butt cape and the harness The cape is completed and the harness is 50% done, all the pieces have been cut out i just need to sew them together and sew velcro to the leg straps still a lot to go but im getting there

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Milton Keynes - 8th November