Rock Lee - Naruto Shippuuden



I have promised myself not to do anymore tight-fitting costumes (apart from Ladybug) but I love Lee way too much so this is an exception! Let the power of Youth explode!

A relaxation/curry fix/drinking/DDR cosplay most likely for Kitacon.



I cannot get the shoes done on time so I will be wearing some sandals sourced from under my bed ^^; Please ignore them lol

Otherwise I am super happy how this costume came out!

Thanks for the support everyone :D Needs some polishing and jazz like clips on the pockets for Kitacon but I really loved being Lee for the day! Certainly a pretty high maintenance costume with the tape, gets either too hot or too cold at one given time and not the most bathroom friendly but the fun I had in this costume was by far the most I had in a while. I actually felt surprisingly confident in the bodysuit! Had a bad habit of mixing strong fisted taijutsu with Hyuga style since I was Hinata in the past ^^; Photos soon!

I have several updates I need to do for the next con. I will need to redo the collar, heighten the inner leg seams as its awfully low, fix some of the stitching and fix the jacket as part of it was about to fall apart.

Fixed the jumpsuit as Emcon made me realise how uncomfy it was. Replaced the collar, positioned the back zipper better and the leg seams are raised now :) Now I dont feel that the costume cuts my circulation anymore this is one very comfy motherfucker :P Feels alot more agile and my legs look longer now, flattering the overall image.

Temporarily moving this to in-progress again as I will be making the sandals and got the materials all sorted :D

KittyRose posted on 31 January, 2015 - 04:04
Looking forward to seeing this! gotta love Lee :3c

Shadowland13 posted on 20 August, 2015 - 16:52
So cool! what a great cosplay :)

Knightsly posted on 17 December, 2015 - 22:41
looks good ^-^

Redye jumpsuit
Make jumpsuit
Olive cotton fabric (ended up dyed)
Red polycotton
Wadding (actually found some in sewing box XD)
Numerous zippers

Total cost: £0.00

13th March 2015

Jacket 2

Just need to buy a zipper, sew the collar/shoulder parts and sew on the appliqué :D I liked the effect that some of the jackets I saw gave so decided to use some leftovers from my Hikaru costume ^___^ Gonna have to do a quality check on the jumpsuit too but that wont take long ^^

13th March 2015


I'd say it's like 75%ish done now :D It is all cut out, and padded and lined where it should be. Tomorrow will be about making the final decisions and sewing the details on. The padding around the hips, pockets and emblem will need sewing on and I am scared that I will botch these up XD Gonna move this forward to Em-con as this is so close to completion and with no updates of the cosplay contest Id much rather work relentlessly on a comfy costume than update a uncomfortable one for no reason XD Wanna add the zipper but silly me dun goof'd and brought a closed ended one >< D'oh! Whew! Thank goodness for the jacket ^^ If it wernt for that then no way I will be able to pull this off but I feel I would have no trouble wearing this costume once its all finished.

17th February 2015


The belt was made by myself ^^ No way the ones on ebay will fit my ladyhips lol Just got a super cheap forehead protector, took it apart caveman style and super glued it onto the belt. Got dryed glue all over my leg now xD ehehehe! Hopefully when I get the flak jacket finished Ill confident as Lee. Just started patterning on it xD Spandex is surprisingly cold to wear >.>

10th February 2015

Agh! Best take a break from the dyes now

The dye didnt seem to make too much of a difference so Ill leave it at that for now out of frustration before I wreck everything. I have thrown in some white cotton and it somehow turned into olive green so thats most of the fabric for the jacket sorted. The red spiral on the back will be from the leftovers of the belt, which I should buy the fabric for in the next week.

28th January 2015

Planning ahead

So yeah, decided that the suit will need some redying. As much as I love the shade as it is it is not overly accurate so im gonna redye it to be darker since it looks more blue in some lighting. No doubt it will exaggerate my curves but hopefully the jacket will lesson the problem.

9th January 2015

Alrighty! :D

I have a new sewing machine now so can make much faster progress again :) The bodysuit just needs a bit more taking in and the collar/zipper installed but otherwise really happy with how it is turning out. Might buy some thicker legwarmers but they are cheap so Ill just keep an eye out for e better pair.

20th November 2014


The sewing machine was being retarded and didnt wanna ruin the bodysuit so decided to play around with the wig. It arrived ages ago but I wasnt too keen with it at the time. I cut it into a bowl cut and blasted it with an insane amount of hairspray and it looks infinitly better now :D A friend shown me a nice looking tutorial for the shoes https://sites.google.com/site/lizspain2/narutosandaltutorial

12th November 2014


Using my Suzaku cosplay as a guide I have managed to get most of the bodysuit cut up. My cold is getting much worse all of a sudden so calling it a night @_@ So dizzy!

15th October 2014

Green is the new sexy

Was a fun day turning the kitchen into a lab! Waiting for the lycra to dry before deciding whether to darken or not. Just used 1 packet to see how it goes. The lighting sucks so its not a good pic of the colour, just showing I actually do stuff on my days off lol

10th October 2014


Just this minute ordered the wig. Not 100% accurate but considering there is only a couple of weeks left and the wig I was looking at at CosCraft has all sold I have done my best with what I can do with it otherwise. Hey ho the style should suit me better than the bowl. I was discussing dyes with Fishyfins some time ago so giving iDye a go instead of the usual Dylon as it sounds better for what I will be doing. Aiming for a forest green instead of Grass green XD

24th September 2014


OK maybe this wont entirely be a buy and alter job as originally planned. I couldnt find a jacket I like that I am willing to pay for and im sure it would be cheaper to make it instead. Upon closer inspection it shouldnt be too hard. Plus its not like me at all to buy cosplay stuff, especially since I get greater satisfaction of making costume parts myself. Made a start on looking for fabric ideas. Better consider putting some references on my phone/paper too. I have some Spandex fabric lying about which should be enough but will require some dying to get the right shade. Knowing my luck with fabric dyes it may take more than 1 bath :'D Gonna throw the whole lot in before cutting it so I can make a beanbag or something if the colour fails. I brought the legwarmers off ebay a few years ago. Wasnt sure about doing a Lee cosplay back then but considering he is my favourite character in the series I was open to the idea of it happening someday and nabbed them while I had the chance :D They are perfect! Bright orange, striped and very warm :D Love them! I have been looking at headbands/his belt. They seem to only just fit my waist (damn womany hips) so I might be better off buying a cheap headband and making my own band.

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