Terezi Pyrope - Homestuck

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Terezi is my zodiac sign, and I just plainly love her!

Cosmic⋆Star posted on 23 September, 2014 - 18:19
Terezi is the best troll ^_^ Good luck with this, sure it will look great :)

Black jeans
Red shoes
Style wig
Black wig
Black Shirt
red shoes

Total cost: £0.00

13th February 2015



20th December 2014


No way of buying them, sooooo... making them it is :/

11th October 2014

Just something

For Omegle.. I need her glasses..

11th October 2014


My friend made this as a birthday present! I named it 'OrangeSnout'

26th September 2014

Finished shirt

So I fucked up on the transger paper, so I had to paint 3 layers with acrylics

25th September 2014


Earlier I bought some t-shirt transfer paper, and printed the libra sign on it. Too late to apply it on the shirt, I'll do it tomorrow after school.. XD

23rd September 2014

Horns painted

Just the first layer, I'll finish them tomorrow :3

22nd September 2014

Shaped Horns

Managed to shape them to be a bit rounder. Now they're 14cm long and about 4.5cm in diameter. I also have some old newspaper that I'll use to glue on the foam, to then be able to easily paint them

18th September 2014


Bought a plain black shirt. Now I just have to find transfer paper and get to work!

18th September 2014


I got some foam board from school (oh the perks of being a student in Graphics). I will shaoe them to be rounder, glue some newspaper on them, and then paint them :3 H3 H3 H3 They're 15 cm long, and don't know the diameter yet as they'll still be shaped

18th September 2014


Excuse my ugly mug

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