Ness - Earthbound


Amecon 2010




Finally started playing Earthbound (many years late). Got addicted to it. Found Ness to be surprisingly cute and thuggy XD Sudden and unexpected urge to cosplay him as a result.

Another simple but fun costume I plan to make/assemble for myself sometime for whenever I actually have the time/space to in the future lol


Solaria posted on 1 December, 2009 - 16:22
8D id love to see this x3 The games are so hard to find real copies of D:

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Progress Journal

11th August 2009

Crusty, patchy, kinda see-through...

The Happy Happyists would be ashamed of my lack of blue painting ability. The plan to use blue fabric spray paint for the stripes on Ness' t-shirt has failed dramatically. All was going well (if you ignore the interesting crusty texture this paint gives to things...) until the entire can ran out before I could even finish a stripe on one side of the shirt...even then it's see-through in the light and very patchy.

I think a Plan B is in order but that wont be done for Aya unfortunately.

25th May 2009

Shorts, Shoes, Jeff...


Suddenly came to the realisation today while tidying away Ness' shorts and (relatively) newly aquired shoes that I already owned the glasses and wig needed to cosplay Jeff and decided to do some test shots XD

Typically I can't help but feel I suit him better than I will Ness...forever a glasses main-side-character, it seems...but I still plan to cosplay Ness anyway XD I don't think Jeff would work so well by himself without more of the main characters, but if I ever do end up with a green blazer/pants (might happen) or a group (pretty unlikely to happen ;_; ) I might cosplay him eventually, bottle rockets and all.