Rin Kokonoe
Kodomo no Jikan

Cosplayer: NotSoLittleMy

Variant: Ni Gakki shirt and tie

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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22nd December 2014: What has happened so far... The wig arrived, oh boy I felt amazing wearing it! Just like Rin! The pigtails are a bother though, being clip on and all... I think I might sew them to the wig a little.
The skirt, tie, red backpack, pink paint, and polystirene balls for the hair pieces have been ordered. Going to paint the polystiene balls and sew them to the wig. One of the remaining balls will be sliced in half to make the smiley face on her back strap.

BeariestBear avatar

BeariestBear - 22nd December 2014
Can't wait to see my Rin finished <3