A G E / BELL CROSS (HERO FORM) - Heroic age

In Progress




much on paper and in materails work still awaiting a kick in the rear to get me started

started dying the underbits and firming up a pair of marigolds so i can sculpt friendly plastic around them

new way of making friendly plastic change colour since i seem to be the only one who cann make see through colours using dye

set the paint (poster is good since its cheap and basically is going to in the plastic not on top so it dosent flake on top of the plastic when in water then heat blast at at least 330oc but for ideal mixing conditions use the higher setting of 550oc while stirring caution you can burn yourself if your a tit here leave to cool /you may have to add more water as you basically evaporate the water with the gun when you break the hardened layer after cooling the platic and paint will of mixed stirring constantly spreads the colour evenly anyhoo thats the the formly no blue platic ille be sculpting for his arm bits toodles maybey when ime less hurried ille come back and make this make sense till then its free for all puzzle and ille leave you with the epic sayign you know what i mean


MangaChild posted on 2 June, 2008 - 09:41
OMG YOUR STARTING THIS MONSTER!!! GO GO GADGET FRATLEY COSPLAY SKILLS I really want to see this so please get it done!!

Ikkaku-kun posted on 2 June, 2008 - 14:59
This looks very.....interesting :) another must see cosplay 8D