Zatanna Zatara
DC Comics

Cosplayer: Leonie Heartilly

Variant: Original formal design

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

4th September 2014: Completed outfit Corset- already owned
Briefs- bought
High heels- already owned
Bow tie- reused from regular Zatanna cosplay
Gloves- bought

To be worn with my regular Zatanna wig and top hat.

1st September 2014: Skirt/ train part two I used a spare strip of fabric to make a waistband and sewed this onto the skirt after gathering it so it would leave a gap at the front but have a little fullness at the back. I added snap fasteners and these would be hidden by my corset as it covers the waistband.

31st August 2014: Skirt/ train part one I had some black taffeta fabric in my fabric stores (originally for my Zatanna cape but I used something else in the end) that I thought was perfect for this. Pretty much all I did was to hem it and roughly curve the sides at the hemline. I felt it hang well enough to not need much else shaping apart from the gathering at the waistline.

31st August 2014: Design inspiration My idea for the skirt/train came from Yaya Han's original outfit made for a photo shoot titled "The Raven" which I saw a variation of in person when she attended the Grand Cosplay Ball. I thought this fit in with Zatanna's style very well.