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AmeChibi 2015


I forgot to add this ages ago.. oop

To wear with Crazedteensie as Minun, and as part of a huge Cowslip/gijinka group!

I'm putting it as 'complete' for now, as we've decided to forego the swords for now, and everything else is done yaaay!

Two giant ass cat-bells attached to ears made of red jaquard stuffed with scraps of sofa foam. It's all sewn onto a clear hair comb.

I followed an origami tutorial and made them out of red jaquard. The 'plus' in the centre are just beads and pendants salvaged from my old Sara shoes.

Using cream jaquard, I followed two patterns for this, Burda B6830 for the main top and Simplicity 1728 for the sleeves. I had to flip the pattern so it would 'cross' on the right shoulder rather than the left, which was a major headache :c
The ruffly part is just a strip of lycra gathered in places and ribbon stitched over the gathers. The floaty layer was made by tracing around a dress I owned, cutting the shape out of chiffon, then cutting/hemming it to the right sort of shape. Rather than faff about with the scallop edge, I just added a fancy lace.

I used Simplicity 1367 for the base, then added gathered lycra and a waistband around the waist.

Using my Natalia bootcovers as a guide, I made these from lycra. The 'suspenders' are just bias binding with a million bells attached. They attach to the shorts via poppers.

I painted my old Sara shoes and covered them in lycra and bias binding. I then made strips of red jaquard and made them into bows. The ruffle is a biiiiig strip of cream jaquard gathered to fit.

So many bells, so much bias... but I think/hope it's all come out okay!

WhiteWraith posted on 25 August, 2014 - 21:50
Such a nice design :)

InfiniteJester posted on 25 August, 2014 - 22:34
This is going to look so cute!

Siouxsie James posted on 27 August, 2014 - 20:54
Awesome :)

littleshoni posted on 8 March, 2015 - 19:50
Super cute, looking forward to seeing it

Pocketdreams posted on 28 July, 2015 - 17:34
Great progress so far.

Ears and hair thingies

Total cost: £0.00

30th March 2015

Nearly there!

Cat and I decided to scrap the scabbards and swords for now, but we'll do them for when we rewear these cosplays. We don't have enough time to make them how we want, especially as I'm still a snail progress-wise! I've almost finished otherwise, I just need to go around this applique design with beads or embroidery, and put in some fasteners here and there. So close!

29th March 2015

Slowest progress ever

Progress has been very slow because I've managed to get RSI in my wrist again, but I've managed to whip together the shorts, gloves and top! I just have to do the top detail, the chiffon undershirt and make some suspenders for the socks so I should be pretty much done in time for Ame! Not sure if I'll do the sword/scabbard for Amechibi but we'll see~

5th March 2015

Hair flowers

I made these ages ago, but forgot to update my journal oop These are made from jaquard lining material, following a kanzashi origami flower tutorial. The middles were really messy so I stitched cute gems from my old Sara shoes to cover them up! Since this photo, I've sewn 4 oblong beads onto each flower to form the 'plus'

5th March 2015


I've recycled my old Sara shoes for these. To start off I covered the shoes in cream lycra to match the socks (including covering the open toe). The toe bit sagged a bit so I carefully shaped some foam to give it a it more stability (if I get time I'll reinforce them properly but they'll do for now). I then went around the edges with gold bias binding, and painted all the visible base shoe a more yellow-based gold, as the original rose base clashed. The back looked a bit plain, so I made a double looped bow with a long strip of the same jaquard fabric as the hair accessories, and then gathered a strip of ivory jacquard to the front of the shoe before adding the jewels and bells. I love how they look at the moment, but I don;t know if they need a little more embellishment at the front?

20th January 2015


COSCRAFT IS BACK I finally ordered the Jeri in Milkmaid Blonde for this, as Cat is using my spare wefts from Anna for her wig c: We'll match!

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