Dead Or Alive 5

Cosplayer: Fizzykat

Variant: White and Pink

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

7th September 2014: painting petals hand painted all of the petals onto the skirt :)

6th September 2014: petals next i need to hand paint all the petals on the skirt part.

6th September 2014: applique my first time using bondaweb! its awesome!

6th September 2014: gradient dye today i dyed my costume pieces :)

5th September 2014: hair and eyes i ordered these really cool big eye lenses which i love, they are so comfy to wear! my hair is auburn colour anyway but now i have a ponytail hair extension!

5th September 2014: brocade fabric and gradient dying I got my lovely brocade fabric and did a dye test! i love the colour so i am noe ready to dye my actual cosplay pieces

31st August 2014: lining ive cut my lining out from my newspaper pattern while i wait for the white brocade fabric to arrive. i also printed out the symbol for the back of the costume ready for applique

31st August 2014: pattern making ive started by making a newspaper pattern for the main part of the costume.

31st August 2014: fabric here is a bunch of left overfabric that i will be using to make kasumi, the only etra fabric i have needed to buy is some white brocade.