Sherlock (Detective) - BBC Sherlock


I will be cosplaying as Sherlock this year, alongside my bro who is going to be Moriarty, so look out for us both.

I'm very pleased with the wig I found, as well as the custom made coat,
very pricey but It is the closest match to the original.

I almost have everything, just need some contact lenses.


Sephirayne posted on 11 October, 2014 - 17:10
The coat and the wig look amazing. Can't wait to see finished photos.

Kyuipo posted on 11 October, 2014 - 19:12
best attempt at a female cosplaying sherlock Ive ever seen. you look a lot like him. great make up

HitachiinTwin01 posted on 11 October, 2014 - 19:18
That coat looks great :D Cant wait to see finished pictures :)

SamanthaKaiba posted on 12 October, 2014 - 08:20
This looks amazing, can't wait to see it all together ^_^

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