Honoka Kousaka
Love Live! School Idol Project

Cosplayer: CrystalNeko

Variant: Snow Halation

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

18th December 2014: Wig styled I made the flower using my usual candle method! (Tutorial on my cospage, I'll post it in the main description aha)
I hate burning duchess satin however, because it's not really great for flower making but I wanted it to match the main fabric, argh!!

I had some leftover feathers from Princess Tutu so I glued them onto the flower which is glued onto a hair claw that I had kicking around (I really liked that hair claw too but it's from Primark so I can buy another...)
I want to buy some proper feathers for the three that stick up at the top. I didn't have time to make the pink bow either so that will be a future thing for my next rewear...

Finally cut and styled the wig, it was pretty long before!

17th December 2014: Full Costume It's done enough for shoot purposes...

There's no waistband on the skirt (I ran out of white thread hahaha!), the tie needs remaking as I top stitched it together, I need to finish the waistcoat (I left my blue fabric at my parents' house so I can't finish it, borrowing Bernie's for the shoot!) and tidy up the peplum attachment of the shirt on the inside because it pisses me off that that is literally the only part on the inside of my costume that's messy XD

Time Taken: 15hrs (two evenings)

17th December 2014: Shirt III Collar added!

17th December 2014: Shirt II Ruffles sewn on! I changed my ruffle technique for each of the sides so they're not symmetrical, because I clearly wasn't thinking LOL (one is two rows of thread and the other is single... I was running out of thread!!).
Both are hand pulled ruffles though, it took so long D;

17th December 2014: Shirt I Made a start on the shirt and waistcoat! The fur is just sewn on the lining so far, I need to hand stitch it at the top for neatness when I get the chance! (I just folded it over to look like it's done haha)

6th December 2014: Skirt II Hand made the bias binding from bi-stretch. This skirt takes up so much, arghhh!!! I ran out towards the end of the top layer so I had to dash off to cut out a few more strips, tack them onto the end and then continue sewing.

I top-stitched the bias binding because I'm a bad person and I have Uni work to do, it already took me 4hrs to get this far so if I were to hand sew the bias binding like a good person then it'd take me forever ahahaha xD

This is why I don't enter competitions anymore :P

Time Taken: 4hrs

5th December 2014: Skirt I Pretty boring progress, sorry! It's just a standard circle pleated skirt, each pleat being 3" wide.

I took a before and after shot of inserting horsehair braid to show the effects it can give!

I just need to buy a zip, sew on a waistband and sew on the bias binding I'm about to make.

I think I was half asleep when I was cutting the fabric for this skirt because the top layer has like 5 different panels because I derped up and originally cut out a load of panels for half the skirt, so then I had to cut out another full circle for the other half because I was cutting multiple panels to save on fabric but I used it up anyway, oops!

Time Taken: 2hrs

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 15th April 2015
So cute and it's fantastic that you have such a large group!
Kudos for braving the Marble Arch outdoor shoot in winter.