Rydia Of The Mist (amano v3) - Final Fantasy IV

Status :Complete
Worn At :Auchinawa 2014
Awards : 1st place in the Mcm Scotland Saturday cosplay competition








Rydia of the mist location shoot

Rydia of the mist location shoot

Rydia of the mist location shoot

Rydia of the mist location shoot

Rydia of the mist location shoot



Damaged my old Rydia so im having to make a new one plus the mist dragon !!

So i dont know how but i managed to win 1st place at Mcm Glasgow 2014 on the Saturday Masquerade !!





Getti posted on 12 August, 2014 - 15:20
Your dragon looks so pretty!

Zomboi posted on 23 August, 2014 - 01:41
Love that cape!

WhiteWraith posted on 31 August, 2014 - 19:19
Progress is looking fantastic!

Angelphie posted on 10 September, 2014 - 15:37
Stunning work, the amount of detail and hand-stitching is so impressive! I especially like your sequinned cape and headpiece. Your dragon was also a nice addition.

Kitri du Lac posted on 11 September, 2014 - 17:40
Loved this in person and still love it now. Congratulations on the well-deserved win!

ArcaneArchery posted on 11 September, 2014 - 18:19
Fantastic costume with an impressive amount of detail. Congratulations on your award.

Sasashie posted on 12 September, 2014 - 20:01
Thank you all for the wonderful comments! I am still very proud of the completed costume and cant wait to get more photos uploaded when they are edited <3

WhiteWraith posted on 23 September, 2014 - 12:08
Such a gorgeous costume, love all of the detailing!

PokethePixie posted on 24 September, 2014 - 12:53
beautiful photos!

Anonymous posted on 25 September, 2014 - 21:25
This is fantastic work and a well deserved win at Expo. You look lovely as Rydia and the detail is fab! :)

Nesabi posted on 15 October, 2014 - 18:27
Absolutely stunning work. Do please consider bringing her to Auchi, I'd love to see this. :)

InfiniteJester posted on 15 October, 2014 - 19:06
This looks amazing - love all the details on the costume and you really suit her!

Progress Journal

WIG (Posted 31st August 2014)

re styled the wig and added more onto the headpeice

New Leggings (Posted 31st August 2014)

bought a new pair of white leggings will dye them green and modify them and add the gold detailing

Legging detail (Posted 24th August 2014)

Using the embroidery patches from the original version on the new leggings now painting them gold :D they look so much better now

Circlet and beads (Posted 15th August 2014)

i decided to make a circlet for this version rather than a string of beads so i made this out of craft foam hot glue and painted it gold it will be clustered with beads after the paint is dry

the hand painted beads were black so to tie in with the costume i painted them the same gold

Armour Wip (Posted 15th August 2014)

More painting this time with a darker colour as i ran out of the lighter paint >.<

Work in progress cape (Posted 15th August 2014)

70% finished - i have embroidered all the leaves with green wool to make them stand out and finish the cape off after 4 years lol i will be sewing on the missing sequins and beads to the top cape and start adding stars out of beads to the bottom

Dragon finished (Posted 14th August 2014)

the dragon took about a week to finish and i am proud of how it turned out due to never doing anything like this in my life

Work in progress (Posted 10th August 2014)

Skirt - 100% finished - attached the stars on the skirt that were coming loose with fabric glue and gave the back of the skirt the gold trim i had meant to do ages ago and that was that part finished
Corset - 70% finished - i painted the gold stars on and started beading round the edges to give it a clean finish

Mist Dragon (Posted 7th August 2014)

I have decided to try and make the dragon as a prop for this version of the costume it will be made using a wire frame with air clay head and feet, cover in upholstery foam, cover over with felt,paint the clay parts,add beads for eyes with lashes,craft foam wings and covered in white fur

Armour Wip (Posted 6th August 2014)

i made my armour peices out of craft foam hot glue and air clay when dry get painted gold

Remake needed (Posted 3rd August 2014)

so my Rydia costume was damaged on the way back from Ayacon so i have had to throw away the bodysuit that was beyond repair and begin to rework the whole costume

i will use the corset,skirt and cape from the old costume and remake everything else