The Undertaker (Wrestlemania 24 Ministry Coat) - WWE WRESTLING



klweanne posted on 25 August, 2014 - 15:08
After seeing the awesome job you have done with your other costumes I would love to see a pic or two of this one because The Undertaker is awesome!

Namine posted on 25 August, 2014 - 15:38
thank you :) And just gotta wait for it to get finished and arrive, seeing as how I've gotta wait 5+ weeks cos of it being a commission :)

Mothfox posted on 7 September, 2014 - 15:48
ah sweet this will be awesome and oh undertaker! IM HERE! *blows out the lantern*

Namine posted on 12 January, 2015 - 01:41
XD mothfox. We gotta get a photo if you get chance to go to LFCC.

Knightsly posted on 14 January, 2015 - 23:23
awesome coat thing its cool

Maddannkidd posted on 13 March, 2015 - 22:22
This costume is so cool , Love the Undertaker

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