Kamui Gakupo
Vocaloid 2

Cosplayer: Valentine_x

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Anonymous - 10th June 2009
Wow Gakupo...? What a challenge! Good luck on the wig-hunting/styling ^w^
I might be doing my Akaito in October seeings as I couldn't do it in May T-T Can't wait till you post pictures :3

Valentine_x avatar

Valentine_x - 10th June 2009
I'm thinking of FW ink dying a blonde wig and adding wefts until my hands fall off xD
I won't have photos for a while 'cause I can't afford material yet >_<
Better go get a job I suppose...

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Anonymous - 11th June 2009
Psshaw, I need a job too -w-
Money = Good cosplay times..
Anyways, good luck! :3

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Sephirayne - 30th October 2009
Great cosplay. Really loved the wig. Great to meet you as well. X

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PinkCharlieBear - 6th November 2009
Oh this is amazing *o* I'm glad hes getting some cosplay love!
Well done on the wig and the katana and well everything!! Wish I could of seen this for myself D;

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Limegreenjelly - 6th November 2009
Damn ... O_O I saw you loads of times at Expo I should of gotten a picture...
Loving the costume *thumbs up*

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Dusttee - 6th November 2009
wow a gack-poid cosplay >W< you look amazing, i especially love the katana~

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Enchanting_ELK - 6th November 2009
Wow! :D I luvs it~
It's especially brilliant seeing as you made it all yourself :O wow, i couldn't do that Dx lol.

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Anonymous - 6th November 2009
i took a pic of u at expo!
check out my DA :D
you and your vocaloid friends were awsome~~

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Valentine_x - 6th November 2009
Thanks evryone.
You make me happy in my hakama 8D

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Anonymous - 17th November 2009
AWSOME its so pretty