Spock (female) - Star Trek 2009


Source: http://bumbleshark.tumblr.com/post/63156265796/get-this-as-a-tee-print-sticker-x-damn-this

Chosen because I love Spock but don't like cosplaying guys.

The hardest part was the bag, which was based off of the real tricorder and what I could tell from the cluster of pixels, and which is pretty messy :X The easiest part was getting the ribbon onto the sleeves, though getting the sleeves on and off is a lot less easy now.

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add badge + trim to shirt
make badge
make bag
Dark blue long sleeve shirt
silver braid for sleeves
dark/black linen trousers
mid-length black wig
black heeled boots (?)
black paint

Total cost: £0.00

29th August 2014

Quick Update

A quick update to say that everything is now here! I've been super busy so I haven't been able to do much, but once the bag is done it's basically finished. Easy cosplays \o/

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