Princess Saturn (Princess) - Sailor Moon





To debut at the ball for AyaCon 2014 and to rewear for Katsucon 2015 ball and possibly KitaCon 2015 ball.

Finally I managed to get myself to work on a Sailor Moon cosplay after years.

Since I planned to go to my first ever US Con to visit my US friend, my friend is planning a Sailor Moon princess group for the ball and it was a good choice for a ball group since all of the dress designs fit into the rules (UK rules seem to be more relaxed, but Kastucon rules are no wings, no heels higher then 4 inches etc...) Sailot Saturn has always been my favourite character of the series and purple is my favourite colour after blue, so of course Hotaru will be my first choice and she probably is the perfect height for me since I am usually the shortest in cosplay group expect on the couple of occasions.

Going to debut at AyaCon ball because I don't want to stress myself making another costume for AyaCon to find out I have no time to make Saturn's dress for Katsucon.


InfiniteJester posted on 20 February, 2015 - 10:04
Looks lovely!