Kagura Mutsuki - BlazBlue Chronophantasma




We downloaded Chrono phantasma a few weeks ago and I absolutely loved Kagura. The costume I was going to wear to Hyper Japan didn't end up getting finished in time, so I set about making Kagura.

This costume was my first step into applique and it was definatly a steep learning curve. My sewing machine isn't very good at embroidery stitches and kept kinking the thread a lot leading to much frustration with my time limit being only 3 weeks.
The most annoying pain staking bit had to be doing the little crosses on the back of the cape that connect the back panel to the front panels. It was really difficult to sew these bits and caused me a lot of stress. The problem comes from the fact that they have to open up at the bottom and have to be sewn on when the cape was already sewn together. Since I was embroiding it on it made it difficult to run it through the machine and keep it flat. I'm still not happy with the finish, but it was the best I could do at the time.

The cape itself was made from me taking apart a Halloween cape and using that as my pattern. The Halloween cape worked out better than using an actual cape pattern because all the cape patterns I could find were massive and used way too much fabric for what I needed. The Halloween cape was split into three panels ( two front panels and one back panel) which was exactly what I needed.
because of the short notice I didn't have time to order my wig, so I had to botch together another wig and add hair clips to the front to mimic Kagura's fringe so the wig might look a little odd in the first images.
I ended up not wearing this for very long as it was so roasting in London I was sweating too much and struggled to keep hydrated.

Overall I was happy with the results there are a few thing I need to correct for when I wear it again but I've got some time before the next convention.


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