Margaery Tyrell
Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire)

Cosplayer: kangaruth

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

13th July 2015: Nearly done! So, this weekend I finished stitching on the velvet trim and attached the skirt and bodice. I had to take the bodice in again (I haven't been losing weight so I have no idea why I've had to do so much taking in on this costume!) The trim gapes a little at the top so I'm going to sew some elastic around the top to hold it in place.

I completely failed to find a nice fake rose stem to make the belt, but did find some nice card-making embellishment thingies which I've painted green and gold which will do nicely until I find something better for next time. I need to attach those to the rose broach and sew some ribbon to the waistband to hold them in place.

Then just need to hem the skirts and I'm done!

10th July 2015: One week to go! Bodice is finished, except for one line of stitching and a hook/eye closure on the zip.

Skirt fits and the top edge is bound, poppers attached to keep the layers together.

To do:
Finish attaching velvet trim to the skirt.
Attach bodice to skirt at zip.
Hem skirts.
Make "stem" part of the belt - the rose is attached to the pin badge and I have the ribbon to sew on to the dress, but at a bit of a loss about what to make the stem from. I'm going to pop into a florist today to see if they have a good fake rose stem!

17th June 2015: Bleh... I cut the waist of the skirt today, and I think I've made it way too low. Waaay to low. I forgot to take into account that it will sit lower than I meant it to. I think I can fix it by resewing the side seams, but since I've already bound the top edge it will be a bit of a pain. Probably worth doing though.

I think I also need to take in the back of the bodice, since I cut the v in the back. Again, I think I overshot it a bit and cut it too high and it's lost a wee bit of shape in the process. But again, I've bound the edge already, and with the bodice I've got two layers to get right.

Or, I could use a nude mesh fabric, since I have some lying around, and make a panel for the nude bit and keep my dignity!

Either way, I think I need a good night sleep before I look at it again. I hate feeling like I've messed up!

13th May 2015: Some good progress I made some good progress on this today, and some steps back! When I sewed in the sleeve caps it became clear the shoulders were too wide so I had to readjust and re-sew them. Then the underarms were too high and I had to redo them, too! I marked and cut the back but misjudged it slightly and I think I may have cut it slightly too high for my bra strap. Hopefully I can lower it enough just by sewing the ribbon trim to lap the edge a bit. I've also sewn in the zip! I'm going to bind the edges with bias tape and sew the ribbon overt the top.

I put the zip in the underskirt, too, and marked up the overskirt for cutting and pinned the two together. I need to cut the two together and will bind then the same way as the top.

18th April 2015: Coming together All the separate elements are almost done. I'm putting pockets in the underskirt (because if I've learned anything it's that you need pockets in a costume!) so that needs doing, and I haven't fitted the zip because I need to do that after it's cut to the right height. The overskirt is sewn together except for the back seam where I need to sew in the ribbon. It has come out a bit wider in the waist than the underskirt so I might need to take it in a bit. The actual process of tacking the skirts together, tacking the ribbon on, cutting the skirts down, sewing them together then sewing down the ribbon... feels a bit daunting. But I'm fairly confident it will be simple once I start.

The bodice is all sew up and the lining sewn on, but I need to fit the zip, understitch the lining and then figure out the sleevecaps and ribbon - and then chop out the back! I'm thinking cut and bind the raw edges with bias tape and then sew the ribbon over the top.

6th March 2015: Hoping it will all come together The fabric I bought for the underskirt is much heavier than I imagined. In the show you can see the gold fabric is very light and drapey - probably lightweight silk - and the blue top layer is filmy like chiffon.

However, both layers of my fabric are going to be slightly heavier. I'm thinking with the style of skirt I'm planning it will look better anyway - less chance of it getting caught up in my legs as I'm walking or for the layers to pull on each other.

I'm still trying to figure out how my skirt will open and fasten. I'm thinking invisible down the front of the bodice and top of the top layer of skirt but I don't know if it will work; it would have to be quite short and might not open far enough. The bottom layer I would need to zip at the side and then somehow fasten the top layer over it. Maybe one side could be fixed together -both skirts and the bodice - and at the side the top layer will come away from the bottom at the zip and cross over. I've drawn a picture. I think it makes sense! In fact, yes that makes sense and takes away the need for a zip at the front.

I then need to figure out how that fastens to the bodice - I'm sure they need to fasten together at the front or the whole thing won't sit together properly.

26th February 2015: Skirt thoughts I originally thought the overskirt was just two pieces, and I think it might work as such, but in the reference photo there appears to be side seams so I'm changing my mind and thinking there might be two or three panels each side. That will give more shape to the dress, and make it flow better, so I might go with it.

The underskirt I took to be silver grey, but I've seen it referred to as gold in some places. That will go better with my bodice fabric and since I don't have nearly enough grey silk to make a skirt after all, I may find some gold fabric instead.

26th February 2015: Front fastening Having quite a think about the way this must fasten. It looks like it fastens at the front, where the skirt and the bodice join just under the belt. I was thinking an invisible zip might work but I'd need it to separate and invisible open zips don't seem to be a thing. Hook and eye tape might work instead, if I sew it in just right, but I don't want any chance of it spontaneously opening!

20th February 2015: Quick start Yesterday was a quiet day at work. The two costumes in working on are a bit held up due to some fabric getting lost in the post (I know have to wait another week before I can get replacements) so I started to look at photos of Margaery. This one costume stood out because 1)it's a bit sexy without showing bits I like to keep costs and 2)I have the fabric I'd need for the skirt already. So I came home from work and mocked up the bodice. So far so awesome!

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 20th February 2015
Would love to see this!

Maddannkidd avatar

Maddannkidd - 10th April 2015
This will be great to see

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SaffronJay - 16th April 2015
Your fabric choices are fantastic!! I can't wait to see his finished!!