Estellise Sidos Heurassein (First encounter dress) - Tales of Vesperia


How do you spell/say her name haha
Okay so she wears it for like 5 minutes in the game (it's not even an unlockable or DLC costume for her) but I'm utterly smitten with this dress. I'm in love with all of Estelle's designs, but I don't think I have the skills to make her normal dress yet.

CLIP: I made the base clip from foam, then covered it in worbla and cast the jewels from polymer clay, this time adding a sprinkle of glitter for extra shine!

BOHDI BLASTIA: Foam and worbla with a clay stone, please see the journal for more details!

TOP DRESS: Made from soft cotton, and fully lined. I mixed patterns to get the top, and extended them to make the skirt, which was dip-dyed with DYLON. Something went very wrong somewhere and it's actually miles too big. I didnt have time to remake it, so I altered the design to look a bit like a bustle at the back. Inaccurate, but it looks okay?

UNDERDRESS: I used stretch satin for the bodice and sleeves, and lined and interfaced it. The cream sleeves are just jersey, with a double-circle frill on each wrist. The skirt is a cotton half-circle, and all the swoops are an opaque chiffon. I love this part of the dress on it's own so much haha

SKIRT: 3 tiered circles made of a weird satin-suit blend I found for very cheap! (I was on a budget and needed at least 8 metres of the stuff!) I was so proud that my maths worked out haha


JAPAN EXPO 16: I made it into the contest at the last minute! I assumed I wouldn't do by that point, so I hadn't even rehearsed my skit... it seemed to go well, and people liked my idea so it's all good! In all honesty I'm in two minds about the dress. It was way way way beyond my skill level, so I don't think I made it as well as I could, and the fit of the back still upsets me. However, I do like how it looks and moves, even though I think I should add a petti or underskirt to hide the bottom hoop a bit better.
VIDEO OF MY PERFORMANCE IS NOW UP aaaah! I can't bear to watch it but if you want to, go ahead!

KITACON 2015: Planning to wear this for the ball, I want to twirrrl~

WhiteWraith posted on 27 July, 2014 - 23:56
Oh wow this is such a gorgeous deign! You'll suit this so much :3

InfiniteJester posted on 28 July, 2014 - 09:59

KiraraYumi posted on 15 November, 2014 - 04:41
OMIGOSH wonderful choice!! I cannot wait to see this *u*

Siouxsie James posted on 15 January, 2015 - 08:31
This will be amazing and will suit you so well :)

Shinigami_ky posted on 12 April, 2016 - 09:58
This is beautiful!! You're so talented, the detail and finish is just perfection, good job!!

Bhodi Blastia
Top dress
Hair clasp

Total cost: £0.00

29th June 2015


Well, I finally finished my rod for Estelle today! It's a bit ...amatuer if I'm honest haha I made the rod part from a pvc pipe and pipe ends from b&q (so cheap), built it up with foam and milliput and painted it with enamel paint (designed for walls and plant pots and drains and stuff like that). The tip is transpaArt, which is SO DIFFICULT oh my god. I made a mold from modelling clay (and wrapped it in clingfilm to stop any stray clay getting on the tA), then heated the two halves around the mold. I used acrylic craft paint to colour it, then reheated the pieces and evo-stick'd them together. Sadly the heat seems to have cracked and discoloured the paint a little, and my attempts to repaint it didn't really work... The top is removable, as there is a flexitorch inside to provide the glow! I'm really not that happy with the result as I just could not get the milliput to sand smooth, but the glow effect is pretty funky c: Size 4 foot for scale

11th June 2015


Another adventure into the world of Worbla, and I think this was a bit too far out of my skill range! I made it out of craft foam in 3 parts: the bracelet, the gem piece and the 'heart', then covered them in worbla, using its adhesiveness to stick the parts together. As the bracelet only connects to the gem at the four 'points', I added a strip of TranspaArt to the back as an extra support. The gem is polymer clay (Fimo Translucent Effect), blended with embossing powder and glitter. It's super sparkly! It's ended up a little narrower than in some of the references, as my sparrow wrists looked a bit ridiculous with such a thick bracelet!

11th June 2015

Hair clasp

First little job complete! I made this out of craft foam and worbla, and made two little 'pearls' from polymer clay. I used white and gold model paint for the design, then went around it with gold enamel paint. It's been neatened up and evened out since this photo, and I've attached a hair clip to it as well c:

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