Cosplayer: kangaruth

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

19th August 2014: Last minute changes of plan So, the Aquacolor arrived, and as a test I painted my arm, fixed it and slept on it and it happily survived without ending up all over my sheets! So that's a go.

I've decided last minute to go with my new black jeans over my vintage grey ones, plus I'm switching my witchy boots for a pair of slouchy black ones with buckles. I think they're a bit more authentic for the costume. I'm bringing my black cord jacket, too, and if I can find a yellow smiley badge (I have a massive collection of badges from when I was a student - I still have my old rucksack which is covered in them. But no yellow smiley) I'll be all set, but I'm not worrying too much if I don't.

7th August 2014: Finished, but still time to add a little! I wasn't too taken with the white makeup tester I bought. I suck at applying powder foundation and the liquid one was too shiny. So, I have some Kryolan Aqualcolor and setting spray on order, with the intention of painting my shoulders and arms, too. Hopefully the setting spray will stop too much rub off! I've gone for "TV white" over just plain white, because it sounded good.

1st August 2014: The downside to being prepared The downside to having my costumes complete several weeks before an event is that I become obsessed with detail. For this costume, this means an obsession with makeup and, to a lesser extent, accessories. I need the perfect white makeup. Obviously. So, do I spend a fortune on theatrical stuff, or just get ahold of some Snazaroo and hope for the best.

Right now I'm going the middle road - get some inexpensive trial sizes of mineral makeup - but the Kryolan is a-calling.

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 19th August 2014
Love this character and the comics - looking forward to seeing photos!

Shinigami_ky avatar

Shinigami_ky - 25th August 2014
You looked fabulous yesterday, really good job on this :D