Oga Tatsumi

Cosplayer: Felixize

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

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Anonymous - 12th May 2009
Oh my gosh, I can't believe someone is cosplaying Oga 8D You have a fangirl already, I hope you wear this to a con I attend x3

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marumune - 13th May 2009

marumune avatar

marumune - 22nd July 2009
as my friend sai: very yay, the cosplays look goood

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Solaria - 19th July 2010
Wow *3* You make an amazing Oga this series is hilarious 8D
great to see some cosplay justice x3

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Anonymous - 12th September 2010
Only one word can be used to descirbe this...(or words smooshed together) frickinawesumsauceepicness!! <3

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Rain - 26th January 2011
Wow this is the best beezlebub cosplay Ive ever seen *3* Lmao at the doll I mean Baby B-el