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Alcon 2014


Finally finished this after having it in planning for over a year! XD

Made for a Marvel group at Alcon, since Wasp has rather fallen apart and I thought SHIELD gear would be too warm in September. Besides, I love Sif cos she's awesome and I especially love this version of her (and Tales of Asgard in general XD)

Entered this into the Alcon Masquerade but didn't get anywhere with it unfortunately XD

I want to improve the skirt and headpiece before next year bu we'll see how I do XD

HarryKurt posted on 13 September, 2014 - 23:59
Oh wow! You make a brilliant Sif. Great costume! :D

mystmoon92 posted on 16 September, 2014 - 02:48
Thank you so much ^^ your Thor looks awesome too!

Lady-Aira posted on 18 January, 2015 - 22:36
Awesome work on Sif ^^ You're photos are epic! Great work ^^

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