Sheryl Nome (Meat Buns) - Macross Frontier



Last minute costume for Japan Expo, no, really!

I really didn't want to break my mini tradition of doing a Sheryl Nome cosplay every year for Japan Expo and I was really struggling with my Lolita one, so the morning before I had to leave I decided to look through different artworks in my folders and found this one! I knew instantly that it's recognisable and totally cute and suitable for the weather and I could make it in under two hours flat.

Made this out of ponte knit suiting. It's fitted at the top and sewed into a rectangle for the band at the top. Flared out at the bottom and then gathered into a band that fits the top of my legs. There's some thick elastic sewn on the inside on either side to keep it from falling down on itself, bit of a cheat but it stops it from looking droopy!

Shoes are just some wedges I have, I didn't like them in pink so I just went for some brown ones.
Necklace I already owned, it's not really accurate oops.

It's a really comfy outfit and perfect for the hot weather! Also casual enough that I can do photography in which was perfect at Japan Expo. I called this variant meat buns because it's the falling over and Ranka showing her meat buns episode, forever engraved in my memory :'D

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