Hawke (Mage Champion Armour) - Dragon Age 2




After finally getting my arse in gear and finishing the game (in time for Inquisition) I've decided to make myself a Mage Hawke cosplay.
Its going to be a nice mix of sewing, armour and weapon making for me to get through. First time making a staff so that should be fun. I don't have a particular event in mind to wear this for but I do plan to keep working on it over the next few months, might have it done by the end of the year.


Zelvyne posted on 16 December, 2014 - 13:20
I love how the staff is looking. Can't wait to see how the outfit turns out.

Jenrawr posted on 16 December, 2014 - 20:47
thank you! working on the armour at the moment, right friggin nightmare!