Michael Myers (The found buried) - Halloween (2007)

In Progress


I decided to add a new Michael Myers mask to my collection. Replacing the Buried 2, with a new Buried which will be far more screen accurate, without the flaring neck and keeps with the continuity of the new buried lineup

Info on the mask deterioration
Mask resembles the start of corrosion and decay from being buried for 15 years.

Remake pieces
Remake Buried mask - Dela Torre
Remake coveralls - Steven Friswold of Facebook
Wig - Alex Miller of facebook
White T-shirt, padded shirt, Remake Kitchen Knife and Boots - Ebay

Pieces missing
The found buried mask
The wig

MadlyScientific posted on 21 October, 2014 - 15:20
Looks amazing, incredibly accurate!!!

LelouchTheDouche posted on 10 March, 2016 - 10:55
Amazing job! Looks awesome ^_^

Remake Buried
Need to buy
Remake Kitchen knife
Remake coveralls
white Tshirt

Total cost: £492.00

28th September 2017

Boots arrived

My boots arrived, they turned out pretty damn good, same brand used in the movie

27th September 2017

Boots sent out

My boots were sent out, which is the final piece in completing my H9 costume

26th September 2017

Coveralls arrived

Very delighted with this pair, they fit me perfect, just missing the new boots and wig and this costume is complete

25th September 2017

Boots paid for

My boots are paid for, which they should come this week

7th September 2017

Coveralls sent out

My coveralls were sent out, hopefully I have them in less than 2 weeks

6th September 2017

Coveralls shipping payed for

I payed for the shipping costs, hopefully i should be with me in a week or 2

29th August 2017

Remake coveralls paid for

Very excited, got a new pair of H9 coveralls, the ultimate pair I have been looking for.Just missing the boots and the H9 look is complete

27th August 2017

Boots won

Won the boots, they will be forwarded to get the lifts added

12th September 2016

Buried arrived

The buried arrived

10th August 2016

Mask sent out

My masks were sent out, should have them soon

3rd August 2016

Buried finished

The Buried was finished, blood stain added and the hair given that nasty grime look

8th May 2016

Buried sent out

Sent my Buried out to get a few things readded

8th March 2016

New Buried mask arrived

My Buried arrived today, it looks fantastic, which completes my second myers costume

4th March 2016

Buried mask shipped

The mask was shipped today, should have it in a week or so, which completes another costume

1st November 2015

The new Buried payed for

Bought the new Buried, no idea how long it will take to finish, but the final piece of my remake costume payed for

21st October 2015

Halloween (2007) Remake Kitchen Knife arrived

My remake kitchen knife arrived, fantastic piece especially for a retail knife, and cheap is well

20th October 2015

Halloween kitchen knife shipped

Halloween kitchen knife shipped out

19th October 2015

Halloween kitchen knife bought

I Bought the kitchen knife, much cheaper which solves my problem for my remake costume

4th September 2015

Boots/shoes arrived

The shoes arrived today, delighted with what they give to my costume now

1st September 2015

Boots/shoes shipped out

They were shipped out tuesday, should have them friday or next monday

31st August 2015

Boots/shoes bought

I bought a pair of new shoes, if they work give me the right height, do not hurt my feet, found the perfect pair

15th June 2015

Remake Kitchen knife

Bought a new kitchen knife which will go well great with my remake costume, once it arrives? the costume is complete

28th October 2014

bought myself new boots

Bought myself a pair of new Timberland boots, to give me that extra boost in height I hope, that the other ones failed to do

22nd September 2014

Costume was shipped

My costume was shipped today

21st August 2014

TOTS Kitchen knife

Decided to add a TOTS Kitchen knife to go with my remake costume and for Halloween

3rd August 2014

Costume delay

Updating it on this page, as it effects all 3 costumes. The costume is going to be delayed by another month, got to send the jacket back to Josh, waiting on dela torre to ship the mask to Josh, as Josh is making the coveralls and he asked me could he delay finishing the coveralls, as hes got a few more orders to finish off. I am sending my current coveralls back to Josh, he will be selling them and paying me. So it will most likely be completed in august, and shipped to me in September.

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