Kirito - Sword Art Online

Status :Complete
Worn At :Doki Doki 2013


Moe Moe Con 2014

Drawing by Gameghoul

Drawing by Maid Annabelle

Moe Moe Con 2014

At Doki Doki 2013 with Beckii Cruel

MCM Midlands Comic Con 2014



The main protagonist in the anime 'Sword Art Online', Kirito is actually a character who I initially came across while looking for costume ideas for Doki Doki 2013. Prior to this I hadn't really come across the anime or the character but since discovering the character I have become a fan of the anime and the character in particular.

I have now cosplayed as Kirito multiple times. I find him to be a super cool character and he is the character who I have had the most fun cosplaying as to date.


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