Quicksilver - X-Men: Days of Future Past




Namine posted on 1 August, 2014 - 15:37
looks good so far.

moomintroll posted on 26 August, 2014 - 14:43
It was lovely to meet you at Collectormania at the weekend! Sorry if I was a bit spacey - lets just put that down to being too much in-character! XD Loved seeing you as Quicksilver - you said you weren't able to find a jacket (I imagine that silver leathery-looking jackets aren't that too easy to track down!), does this mean you'll work on this one some more and wear it at a future con? :)

Shinigami_ky posted on 26 August, 2014 - 19:27
It's possible, the problem is I have such a huge list of costumes to do it's rare that I redo any, I tend to always move on to the next thing, but never say never xD

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Progress Journal

25th August 2014


So I'm really not happy about this costume. I finally managed to get the belt and attach everything but it was already all falling off before we even got to the venue, for some reason the glue just refused to hold. I had to duct tape it on when we got there. I never found a jacket (when I finally bit the bullet and bought one off ebay that was a size 12 in the hope it would just about fit, it turned out be TINY) and I generally felt a bit meh.
I loved the wig and goggles but that was about it...

I think the biggest disappointment was just that I put so much effort in and then it all just fizzled out and came to nothing.

Oh well, time for MCM in a couple of weeks and hopefully that'll go a lot better.

31st July 2014

Coming along

So! This is almost finished now, which is good because I really need to start working on my MCM costumes as well.

Got the laces for the shoes and they are the perfect colour, they have pink aglets but I can paint over them easy enough.
Wig arrived and it's a bit darker than I was planning but I'm pretty happy with it, it's very smooth and I'm contemplating fluffing it up a bit but it would also be such a shame, it's so pretty, lol.
Ordered the goggles, the pink floyd t-shirt (and man is it hard to find that SPECIFIC t-shirt amongst the hundreds of pink floyd shirts on ebay), and the headphones which will take just a little bit of modification when they arrive.

For the walkman I have printed off a warning label, a display and some caution tape, so I just need to coat them and stick them on. Then all I need is to make the pouch and the battery holder on the belt and that is all completed.

The only thing left is that god damn jacket!! I have a couple watched on ebay so hopefully I will have that ordered soon, I've been chasing after a couple of others previously that have fallen through so this one is eluding me particularly well.

17th July 2014


So today I did most of the work on the walkman, I still have to attach the pieces to the belt and make the pouch and battery holsters, but the main body of it is DONE. I'm really pleased with how it turned out actually, all I need to do is attach headphones. I think I have a pair somewhere that will suit but I'm going to keep an eye out as well.

It's high density model foam covered in worbla, which was then painted black or silver depending on which bit of the walkman it was. The detailing is in plastic, though some of it is drawn on in black or silver pen, and the sliders are made of worbla as well. The only thing missing is the caution tape on one side, and the warning sticker on the other, both of which will get added before it's finished.

Other than that, progress is going slowly but surely, the shoes are finished I just need to get a blue lace for one of them, and I've got the t-shirt and goggles watched on ebay, the wig is already on its way. The biggest problem I have right now is finding the right jacket, I'm basically checking ebay every day for it.

8th July 2014

Perils of accuracy determination

So I have discovered that I shouldn't be allowed to cosplay even simple characters, my obsession with accuracy can, at times, just get silly.

Quicksilver was supposed to be a relatively straightforward cosplay for collectormania because we were going to do a Days of Future Past group, and it mostly involved bought items. All I needed to do was source... right?

I'm sorry, have you met me?

So after taking a closer look at that fancypants belt and the lovely cassette player our dear Peter (Pietro damnit, Pietro) is wearing, and without success hunting down anything that looks even remotely like it, I thought I would do some googling to see if anybody else had looked into exactly what kind of cassette player he had...
The following article is written as nothing more than an attempt to crush a cosplayers dreams;


I have a name! I have a type! I have a.... thing that never existed commercially. Great.


I'm already contemplating how I can recreate it. Possibly with thermal plastics. So, my relatively straigtforward casual costume is now going to end with crazy amounts of effort to replicate a piece of kit that, probably, nobody is going to notice.

Bring. It. On.